Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Comment about Purdue and March Madness -Weird stuff yet again- PI, 318, March 14th

So I just see this comment and found some interesting things but haven't done a lot of research into it yet. Anyway I was also listening to Zach's recent videos. I actually started with his latest video about Trump and the White House correspondence video. After that video though Youtube automatically chose another video and gave me the one posted below.  

The reason I'm even making this post is because in researching the above comment I typed in "March Fourteenth"=175 in Gematrinator.com and literally right as I was typing the words I heard Zach say "March Fourteenth". 
Notice Youtube says he has 314 views on his video. 
22/7=3.14 and so on. 
Never even thought about it until now, but Zach's bday is 21/7/2017 this year. 
Philadelphia Warriors=318(reverse)

Look at that..today is 3 months 18 days after my 34th bday. I didn't even realize. 
Daniel Behrendt=67, 121

It's also 7 months 7 days after Zach's bday. 
Daniel Behrendt=77(reverse red)
March Fourteenth=77(reverse red)
Zachary K Hubbard=77
3/18 the 77th day of the year. 

Seventy Seven=175
March Fourteenth=175
Golden State=175 (reverse)


  1. Lots of 77 and Golden state warriors connections.
    The team that won the '77 NCAA tournament were the Marquette WARRIORS.
    They are now known as the Marquette GOLDEN eagles.
    The '77 final was in Atlanta on 3/28. (Connects to SB51 and lady gaga)
    You had lots of 126 in your previous post I commented on.
    Marquette won the final 67-59 = 126.
    The head coach Al Mcguire died on 1/26.
    You mentioned 226 as well. Marquette golden eagles = 226.
    Going back to the 67 points they won with against the tar heels.
    2/28/2017 = 67. Daniel behrandt = 67. The tar heels coach was born on 2/28.
    All a coincidence???

    1. Oh and North carolina = 67. Tar heels = 34. Today (2/28) is 34 days before NCAA final.

    2. The current tar heels coach Roy williams (who will be 67 in august) got his first college coaching job as an assistant to Dean Smith in 1978. The year after Smith lost to Marquette.