Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Deron Williams picked up by the Cleveland Cavaliers 318

The Cavs picked up Deron Williams on 2/27/17. 

The first thing that stood out to me is that he has always wore # 8 for Utah/Brooklyn/Dallas and now he is wearing # 31 for the Cavs. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=318(reverse)
Today is 22/7 or 7/22. 

Williams was waived by the Mavericks on 2/23 the number that is significant to the Cavaliers. 

We get this news the same day the Cavs win with a total score of 197 points. 
Deron Williams=197(reverse)
This was an important number last year. 
Two Hundred Seven=197

It's also 119 days before Williams 33rd bday. 

Interesting the Warriors won with a total score of 227 points on 2/27. They scored 119 points. 
Deron Michael Williams=119(reverse reduced)

Williams also averaging 13.1 points per game this season. 
Notice also his career average is 16.6 pts per game? 
This is an important number, but still haven't completely figured it out. Seems to be connected to Bad things though. 
We'll see what happens, it says he's hopeful to debut on 3/1 against Boston. 
So he would wear # 31 debuting on 3/1...Steph Curry went 0-11 on Three's tonight too. 
11th prime is 31. 

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