Sunday, February 5, 2017

Simpsons "The Town" Patriots comeback from 25 to beat Falcons in SB 51

Wow what a joke of a game lol. The Simpsons really did predict it almost perfectly. 
Remember the episode "The Town" said the Patriots made a comeback to win with the Mascot scoring their final td with 10 seconds left. 

There's a bunch more to put in here I'm just too tired right now to take screen shots at the moment. 
# 29 of the Patriots fumbles on the 29 yard line. So Atlanta gets the ball and Freeman scores and they tell us he rushed for 29 yards on the drive. I was 29 minutes behind on my DVR at the time. The Patriots first play of the next drive was an incomplete pass stopped by #29 of the Falcons. 
They showed Tom Brady's stats at one point as 9 of 12 passing with 112 yards. 
Super Bowl LI=912
They also showed us a stat of a Patriots drive "So Far" 51 yards. 

When the Falcons scored with 2:21 in the 2nd after the kickoff the announcers made a strange comment about Tom Brady.... "Now Brady's gonna really have to go 2 or down by 21 back to the pick". It honestly made no sense at all, and I started thinking then the Patriots are probably coming back to win this. They really kept telling us about comebacks over the course of the game too.

The Falcons are up 18 at halftime and they kept telling us that their offense hadn't been on the field for 1 hour 8 minutes. Then their first drive they had to punt after an incomplete pass to # 18. 

There was also a lot of 33 in this game. I'm gonna go back and rewatch it and make a better post, but I remember seeing a lot of 33. 
It's fitting for a team to comeback too. I mean it's pretty much been the theme since the Cavaliers won down 3-1, then the Cubs down 3-1 and now a comeback in the Super Bowl. 

Dan Quinn they showed was 45-0 after leading in the first half. 
New England=45

James White # 28 for the Patriots scored the TD that lead to the 2 point conversion making the score 28-28. He then scored the game winning TD in OT with 11:02 on the clock. 

How funny he is from Ft. Lauderdale where we just recently got the airport shooting and more. 
Esteban Santiago=53, 152=Super Bowl LI

I love how Lady Gaga said "Hey Dad, Hey Mom" too. Reminding us of Tom Brady and his mom and dad stories. I wonder if one of his parents is going to be a sacrifice for this win soon? 
After Gaga was on they ran the numbers of the social media. The lady said 41,000 tweets of GAGA on twitter. 
Super Bowl=41. 

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  1. What a shitfest of obvious fakery. Poor Falcons fans.