Sunday, February 5, 2017

Xavier defeats Creighton 82-80. Comment in regards to 10:12 and 22.

I didn't get to watch this game but how interesting. 

The game was tied at 22 with 10:12. 
Creighton was ranked 22. 
My Uncle was in a car wreck and went to Creighton Hospital 22 days before this game on 1/13. 

Creighton lost 82-80. 
22nd prime is 79
Interesting in regards to the records now as well. 
Creighton is 20-4.   My Uncle born on the 204th day of the year. 
Xavier is now 17-6. 
If you include the end date my uncle died 176 days after his bday. Also my name "Daniel Edward Behrendt"=176
Not calling anyone out just documenting but how funny "Nicky T"=82 and Creighton loses to Xavier who had 82 points. 

Also the last time Creighton played Xavier. Xavier was ranked # 22. 
Xavier Musketeers=116
Interesting the first time I mentioned my Uncle was on Christmas day which was 22 days before Xavier played Creighton on 1/16. 
Barney Murphy=67, 166 and Xavier loses with 67 points. 
Possibly nothing but worth noting the game today was 82+80+162
Sixty Seven=162
Daniel Behrendt=67

In regards to the game being on 2/4 or 4/2. 
Twenty Two=165
Scottish Rite=165
22 was a big number in the copyright claims after my Prince video. 
22 Jumpstreet that came out on the 6/13..the 165th day last year. I put my video out about the movie 165 days after it released and more. 

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