Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Little Caesars founder paid Rosa Parks Rent-Civil Rights coding

Of course the founder of Little Caesars paid Rosa Parks rent. Little Caesars founded in the year 59'. 
Slave=59=Negro and so on. 

Oh the odds, I'm sitting here and I just type about Little Caesar's being founded in 1959 a Little Caesar's commercial comes on the TV.  It was at exactly 3:30pm. 
Pizza=33 Pizza=33
Anyway notice it's headquartered in Detroit. 
Michigan=64=Civil Rights
Rosa Parks wouldn't move on her seat in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955.
I wonder if that's why the 5 items 5 dollars each is significant. 
Rosa Parks=55(S exception)

Rosa Parks dies 3 months 11 days after her bday. 
64th prime is 311.
Civil Rights=64 and so on..
Rosa Parks=64(S and K)

The Bus incident with Rosa Parks happened 2 months 4 days(end date) before her 43rd bday on 2/4. 
Remember February 4th can be written 4/2 or 2/4. 
Forty Two=43
She was 42 when the incident happened. 
Nigger=42=February and so on. 
Someone pointed out to me today that:
Five=24 and 42
Nine=24 and 42
Slave=59=Negro and so on. 

The Bus driver was James Blake who died 24 days before his bday. 
James Blake=43
He was 43 years old during the Rosa Parks bus incident. 
Forty Two=43

Ralph Abernathy a Civil Rights leader died age 64...Notice he was born on 3/11.  
The 64th prime is 311
Civil Rights=64 and so on..
Mike Ilitch Sr.=64
Him and MLK Jr. collaborated to bring out the Montgomery Bus Boycott. 
Ralph Abernathy=68
Rosa Parks dies on 10/24 which leaves 68 days in the year. 
MLK Jr. dies in 68'. 
Montgomery Alabama=68

Before Rosa Parks there were other women who wouldn't move on the bus in Montgomery. 
Claudette Colvin wouldn't move on the bus on 3/2/1955. She was the first to do so. 
3+2+55=60.....We know what else equals 60. 
Notice her bday is 9/5 or 5/9. She is currently 77 years old. 
77 is a number I've noticed is related to the 59 and 42 stuff. 
Remember Satchel Paige began in the MLB on 7/7 which was his 42nd bday. 
Michael Ilitch Sr.=77
Her being born in 39 is also significant as...
Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X both died age 39. 
Martin Luther King Jr.=93
Malcolm X=93

Claudette Colvin's bus incident was 6 months 4 days before her bday. Also 188 days....7/7 is the 188th day. 
They also make sure to let us know that she wouldn't move 9 months before Rosa Parks...
Nine Months=59

Claudette Colvin=166  just documenting it as it seems to be important to a lot of things. 

This lady was also before Rosa Parks...I can't find enough info on 3 other ladies who were before her otherwise I would put them on this blog. I only see their names...not bdays and other stuff....
Jeanette Reese=60, 132
Susie McDonald=49, 67, 139
Mary Louise Smith=72, 90, 207
Aurelia Browder=71 
Notice she dies in 71' on Rosa Parks 58th bday. 
African American=71

This lady wouldn't move on a bus in 1944. She wasn't part of the Montgomery Bus movement. 

Look at that...she dies 4 months and 2 days after her bday. 
Irene Amos Morgan=77

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