Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cutest Atlanta Falcons Fan Wyatt Keeton-Michael Keaton film Birdman-Moana

I've looked at this story for the last half hour and I don't have much to add to what Zach had posted about it. 
The kids name being Wyatt Keeton has me wondering if there is a connection to Michael Keaton? 
Falcons=25, 70
I just realized "Ra"=114 

When I looked up Michael Keaton I saw he was in a 2014 film called Birdman. Reminds me a lot of Horus/RA/Falcons also Chris Andersen of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 
Notice the cover also puts the "i" in lowercase but none of the other letters....Eye of the Birdman...Eye of Horus? 

Keaton is also Batman/Beetlejuice as well. 
As much as I've talked about the KEY of David, I find it interesting the name Keeton/Keaton had the Key sound in it. The names also seem to written on the cover in some type of code. 

Someone in my Youtube comments also told me that in the film Moana the demigod Maui transforms into a Hawk/Falcon at the end. 

Ra is represented as the Falcon or Hawk..which makes Atlanta even that more important to what I've been saying. 

Here's the description of him turning into a Hawk at the end. 
Notice the film is all about ushering in a new generation too. I watched this movie when it first came out, but I didn't pay that much attention. Possibly try and watch it again if I get time but I doubt it. 

Moana premiered on Prince Charles 68th bday the night of the Extra Super Moon...107 minutes. 
King Charles=107
Notice the songs in the movie also by Lin-Manuel Miranda. He's the guy who wrote Hamilton...we have the actresses from Hamilton singing America the Beautiful at the Super Bowl. They hate Trump and more. 

I'm just thinking here but I also wonder if Keaton has anything to do with Keytone? Like the sound of dialing certain number would unlock something. Who knows just a thought, and nothing surprises me anymore. 

So I'm trying to watch this film Birdman. I can't even keep up, it's like The number 23, so much stuff to decode in the beginning of the film I gave up and just started watching it. Anyway notice the clock in the background? It's the mirrored image so in this instance it looks to be on the 9 and 11 but it's actually on the 1 and 3. 

Not enough time to finish it, as I've got to leave for work. 

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  1. You forgot to mention that the movie came out on 318th of the year