Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ric Flair wears Atlanta gear and says Falcons will win..Pope Francis-Jesuit-Royal Family-The 4 Horsemen

Ric Flair says Falcons will win the Super Bowl
I just got on Facebook and saw someone posted this video with Ric Flair in Falcons gear saying they will win.
It comes from the Ric Flair Facebook page. He posted this yesterday on 1/31. 
Super Bowl=131 
Nature Boy=40
Atlanta Falcons=40
Flair's career spans 40 years..

Richard Fliehr=83, 119
Family Guy=119 and more...
He mentions how it's Dan Quinn's time...I just realized something else in regards to Jesuits and Dan Quinn. 
Dan Quinn=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish) Remember he arrived in the US at 4:04 pm on his 923rd day as Pope. Went to the Whitehouse the next day at 9:23am on 9/23. 
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Queen Camilla=404(Jewish)
404 verses in Revelation. 
Richard Fliehr=313(Jewish)
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13...13
Six hundred three score and six=133, 313
Pope Francis is the 266th Pope...9/23 is the 266th day. 
Pope Francis' visit was 404 years after the King James Bible came out in 1611. The big thing I keep saying is about the Key of David that is mentioned in regards to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation. 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish)

I'm also listening to the Gematria effect right now and I missed what led up to it, but I noticed Zach said something about Frank Sinatra and the song My Way. 
Remember Frank Sinatra born on December 10th.  12/10 or 10/12. 
This was the song sang at my Uncles Funeral too. 

Interesting in regards to Prince Charles, I mentioned a few years back about Wilt Chamberlain being like the real Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was born in Philadelphia, died in Bel Air...I didn't know he died on 10/12 though age 63. 

Ric Flair made his Debut on 12/10 or 10/12 as well. 
I wish I knew more about Ric Flair, if I was a kid again it would all come back to me I think. Almost has to be something connecting to the Death of Jimmy Snuka in here as well. 
Not sure if this is the correct spelling but still interesting..
Woo=17, 53...and 318(english)

The Four Horsemen were formed after matched with wrestler Sam Houston...How interesting as the real Sam Houston is who Houston, Texas is named after. Houston where the SB is being played this year. 

I wanted to see if Pope Francis had any connections to Atlanta. When I searched Pope Francis Atlanta I found the Onion parodied that he was in the Atlanta Airport killing time on layover to Washington DC. 
Possibly nothing but interesting. 
Atlanta Airport=166

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