Friday, February 3, 2017

Interesting thoughts and other stuff from Youtube Comments. 1012 Alan Thicke-Kirk Cameron-Aleister Crowley-Thelema-Horus

So I'm trying to go through my Youtube videos and respond to people from the other night and Zach wrote this and gave a link to his blog post about the above headline. I seriously haven't even looked into it at all yet...but the first thing I notice is it says the CNN article was updated at of course 10:12am. 

For some reason it sparked my brain to look up the date of October 12th. 

I noticed Aleister Crowley was born on 10/12. 

In regards to Falcons and the Eye of Horus stuff I've been mentioning I find it interesting Crowley has ties to it. He founded Thelema which believes in Aeons. Crowley thought of himself as a prophet guiding us into the Aeon of Horus.  

I also noticed Kirk Cameron was born on 10/12. I feel like I've mentioned this before but it never registered in my head in regards to the death of ALAN Thicke. 

Funny how the 51st episode of Growing Pains is now listed on Wikipedia yet it wasn't at the time of Alan Thickes death. Just goes to show we are being manipulated. 
Death of Alan Thicke
The Link above shows what it was like previously. 

Look at that...Growing Pains aired 166 episodes. Ha I knew there was more to the Growing Pains stuff, it's starting to make a lot more sense. 
Kirk Cameron=318(Jewish) 
318 days also sometimes 10 months 12 days and so on. 
Wish I had more time, as I want to re look at this deeper. 

This comment made me think of the TV Show Alex Mack on Nickelodeon. Atlanta signed # 51 Alex Mack from Cleveland. 

I looked up the 51st episode...It's also Season 3 Episode 18. It came out on December 10th...12/10 or 10/12. 
Her best friend on the show Ray is portrayed by Darrin Love...if you look him up you find he was the voice of Tupac on the new "Straight outta Compton" film in 2015. 

I also had this other comment that struck my brain about Tupac. Tupac born on 16/6...There is a new movie coming out about his life called "All Eyez on Me" on 16/6 this year.  Remember Tupac's 25th and final Bday was the same day the Bulls won the NBA Finals in 1996. The first after Jordan's dad had died..Tupac's mom was born in Lumberton, NC which is where Jordan's dad died and a lot more. 
Tupac Shakur=40, 139
Atlanta Falcons=40, 139


  1. The Aeons of Thelema are also at play. The Next Aeon(or Age) due to begin, though some say it has already started, is the Aeon of Maat. Follwed by the Pandaemonaeon. Aeons are basically ages of a different Gods rules. They go Isis, Osiris, Horus, Maat. Pandaemonaeon is when all the Gods return to rule with Order thru Chaos.

  2. Tupac is one of many black entertainers that the Falcons honored this year. Black Beatles was released on the 11th anniversary of Tupacs death, 2 days after the opening game and 5 days before the Falcons played the Raiders. Tupac was also twenty weeks and 5 days from 2/5.