Friday, February 17, 2017

The day I moved to Arizona-Boy Scouts die in Iowa Tornado 2008

I finally got on internet explorer so I could respond to some comments on my videos tonight. 
Anyway this comment made me look up when I moved to Arizona. 
Boy Scouts die in Iowa Tornado 2008
Anyway I remember the day I left Iowa to move to Arizona the weather was crazy. We barely got to leave as the highways were flooded. When we got to our apartment in Arizona we found out there were Tornadoes later that day and one of them killed Boy Scouts camping in Little Sioux, Iowa. 
Look at this article in the Link above, it's all about Saturn and Freemasonry. 

Before I even mention the article I want to point out the date I moved there. 
June 11th 2008.  
The town I left from and currently live in is
Dunlap, Iowa=116
I was 25 years old 7 months and 1 day.
Possibly nothing but interesting I've recently been covering racial stuff in my posts. 
African American=71, 116
So 48 people injured and 4 killed. 
Since everyone's been using Reverse Ordinal let's roll with it.
Iowa=48(simple) and 60(reverse)
 Four=48(reverse) and 60(simple)
Arizona the 48th state. 

The article says there were 93 campers. 
At least 42 were still injured...

The last major floods in Iowa were in the year 93'. 

Look at this picture too...
The boy wearing the Masonry shirt covering his right eye. The dad with the Checkerboard hat on. The Blue and Red Shirts lol I mean talk about a picture to put in the article. 

I've also been thinking for a while that Arizona is important. 
AZ the first and last letters....

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  1. Yes I agree. The impression that AZ is an "experimental" state is beyond fascinating. I was actually under the Phoenix Lights while driving. That experience took around two days to sink in