Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thoughts on Reverse Ordinal and Flipping the Script

I'm not saying it's anyone's fault, but isn't it funny how all the sudden Reverse Ordinal has been something a lot of us are looking at? 
I mean isn't the Reverse a lot of what happened in regards to Flipping the Script and everything else? Donald Trump wins, The Colts lose and a lot of people saying the script was flipped. Now we are discovering how useful Flipped(Reverse) Ordinal is? 

This really adds to what my thoughts were in regards to the script being flipped as part of the script. I think this stuff goes back years and has been planned and part of the plan for many to learn Gematria. Almost as if they knew someone would figure it out and find it useful. I think we were all supposed to learn this for some reason, just like how they let Eustace Mullins tell everyone about the Federal Reserve...Just like how they let Zeitgeist get popular and more. If we weren't supposed to learn something, I don't think they would let it happen. 
Letting us learn more seems to be part of the script. 

Obviously Gematria is a real thing and is being used but I truly wonder if it's just the next point of awakening in which was planned for people awakening? 
Hope that makes sense, and hopefully no one is mad about me thinking this as I truly am not calling anyone out. It's just something I think people need to think about. 


  1. Yes it's very interesting for sure! What a crazy world we live in. Personally, I believe there is a higher plan, (call it God's plan or whatever) and separate to that is the plan of the Zionists, who try their best to emulate what "God" does.

  2. I agree. As much as 'there is something' to the #'s, there also is 'something else' at work. It's not 'god' as we were taught and thought, however there is 'something at work'.

    I am anti-religion, but pro-Truth. Even the 'SCRIPTures' talk about 'dark sayings', 'riddles', 'keys the the mysteries'

    The Mighty Messer and Rita 511 have been utilizing the reverse techniques in their searches.
    Look at how the Colts/Giants narrative was right there! And then it wasn't.

    Hope this makes sense. Truly, thanks for your input and hunger to search to help others understand these riddles.

  3. These are questions I always think about. Let's face it, if discovering the system was that detrimental to the powers nobody would have got this far. I'm sure there is plan B to Z also. I'm always seeing a game being played. Nothing lasts forever. It's impossible the powers didn't know this would come to light.

  4. Dan

    Other then the reverse ordinal, there is the flipped ordinal gematria.
    Where M=13 (ordinal) and M=31 in (flipped ordinal gematria)

    A 1
    B 2
    C 3
    D 4
    E 5
    F 6
    J 1
    K 11
    L 21
    M 31
    Z 62

    137 lucifer (flipped ordinal)
    137 gematria (flipped ordinal)
    137 reveal my tech (ordinal)
    137 the observer (ordinal)
    137 control mind (ordinal)

    The Infinity Man (google plus)

  5. But aren't all words made up anyway? This is all constructs