Friday, February 3, 2017

Simpsons Falconer episode randomly on FXX earlier-Xavier vs Creighton 2/4/17-My Uncle

My girlfriends mom and sister are staying the night tonight. I was sitting here on my laptop and they were watching The Simpsons on Channel 125 FXX. 
F=6 X=6.....666
Anyway I looked up and saw this. It was an episode about Falcons. Bart eats a frog at school and gets bullied, and then makes friends with a falconer. I watched the episode but nothing really stuck out o me. Still interesting this episode would be on when I look at the TV. 
Homer is watching the Falcons vs the Eagles on TV as well. 

It came out on 3/9..2014. 
Diggs=28, 46...117(Jewish)

This Family Guy aired that day as well. Notice it says it was the final acting role of Lauren Bacall before she died. 
Lauren Bacall=39, 102
This episode came out on 3/9. 

I also just checked the Xavier vs Creighton game I talked about before. After Xavier beat Creighton they became ranked # 24 and going to play Creighton again on 2/4....X=24  and Creighton is playing their 24th game. 
Now Xavier isn't rated but look at the numbers on this in connection with my Uncle who died at Creighton Medical Center. 
Xavier's record of 16-6 and 6-3 conference. 
Barney Murphy=166 dies age 63
Creighton is 20-3 which is connected to 318. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
Originally I thought his name added to 203 but my mom spelled his name wrong....His wife's name is 203 though. 
Xaviers overall record against the spread is 10-12. 
I never realized Xavier was the Musketeers either. I kept saying how my Uncle was a 4th degree Knight of Columbus and they wear the 3 Musketeers looking outfits. 
Of Course Xavier a Jesuit university named in honor of Francis Xavier. 
I have to work tomorrow night so probably won't get to watch the game but we'll see if anything interesting happens with it tomorrow. 


  1. 9/11 or 9th day of November on the Hebrew calendar falls on 5/2 super bowl date.

    Obama will be 666 months on 5/2 super bowl date.

  2. Can someone else try and Google the xavier game now. Mine says the game is tied at 22 with 10:12 remaining in the half. It won't refresh the page. It's been stuck like it for 10 minutes. 44 total points.
    Forty four = 54. Mom's the word = 54.
    You spoke about 39 too. Twenty two = 39.