Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kyrie IRVING believes in the Flat Earth

What a perfect person to talk about the Flat Earth on a mainstream media article. 
IRVING.....I've just recently been mentioning about Christopher Columbus supposedly finding America on 10/12....They actually believed the Earth was round but when I was in school we were taught differently. 
In school we were taught Columbus thought he would fall off the edge of the earth as it was Flat and what not. 
The reason Irving is important is because Washington Irving was a main person responsible in popularizing Columbus believing in a Flat earth. Washington Irving is who the Knicks got their name from in regards to a Hoax he put in the Newspaper....

There is really something to my Uncles death with all of this. He was 4th degree Knight of Columbus. He died on 1/14. 
10/12/1492  Columbus discovered America's we are told. 
New World=114
I also just mentioned how I think all of the Knicks stuff is connected to the Cavs.
Lebron James=114
Zachary K Hubbard's post on Kyrie Flat Earth
As I'm writing this post up and doing some research I notice Zach had put a blog post up on it a little bit ago. 
Flat Earth Theory=223(Reverse)
Washington Irving=223(Reverse)
Flat Earth Theory=79
Irving wears # 2 Lebron # 23
Ha makes sense. 
79th prime is 22
I'm also thinking in regards to the basketball being Round.. is probably part of the joke/riddle.  

Notice who the Cavaliers next game is against? The New York Knicks haha. on 2/23. 
Today is also Michael Jordan's 54th just reminds me of Christopher Columbus dying age 54. 
2/23 the 54th day of the year. 
I wonder if Kyrie will shoot 9 of 23 or something against the Knicks as it will be 3 months 18 days after Lebron shot 9 of 23 this season? 
"Cleveland Cavaliers"=318(reverse)
Philadephia is the original capital of the country Jordan..Of course Philadelphia...the Key of David... 
The NBA All Star Week began today, but was originally supposed to be in Charlotte where Michael Jordan owns a team. 
The Synagogue of Satan=223
We got the story about the All Star Week being moved to New Orleans on July 21st or 21/7...
Today is 2/17......
Obama turned 54 years old on the 217th day last year. 
Fifty Four=54, 126
New Orleans=45, 54, 126
NBA All Star Game=54, 126
It's the 48th day of the year..
Key of David=48
The 48th prime number is 223. 
CC=48(reverse)  Christopher Columbus(CC) sent by the Catholic Church(cc). 
Catholic Church=132
One Hundred Thirty Two=266
Church of England=266(Reverse)
Pope Francis the 266th Pope goes to the white house on the 266th day. 
Of course connects to "Donald Trump"=48  and all the Prince Charles stuff....Cavalier a follower of King Charles...Prince Charles born in 48' which was the year of the biggest election upset in American history and so on..The Fresh Prince of Bel Air from Philadelphia. 
Key of David=168(simple)
Cleveland Cavaliers=168(simple)

I find it really suspicious in regards to how much of this Reverse syncs up. I'm just rolling with it, but I'm keeping an open mind in regards to it. It's just so strange how everything was about flipping and now there's all of these connections by flipping what we've seen before. All of this to me seems to have been planned for a long time. I just don't want me or anyone else to be lead down a certain path without realizing this fact. We are getting mainstream media articles about the Flat Earth, Donald Trump saying the media is fake, Pizzagate and more...I just think we need to be careful and aware of this stuff and really think about what is going on. Reverse gematria to me is enough proof we are being manipulated, and let known more "Truth" because it's planned this way. 
Spirit Science Hidden Human History
It reminds me a lot of what this Spirit Science video was talking regards to the Polar shift and Thoth having to wait periods of time to re-enlighten people when they were ready for the next step. 
Funny this video is about Atlantis and other things I've mentioned that seem to be coded lately too. 

Elizabeth II=191(reverse)
King Henry VIII=191(reverse)...married Catherine who was Isabella and Ferdinand's daughter...Columbus expedition....
Society of Jesus=191
Bernard Alan Murphy=191 dies 191 days before his bday and 175 days after his bday just before hwy 175...
Pope Francis=175(reverse) 
July 9th last year was the 191st day that left 175. 

Remember before the Cavs won the slogan was 
"Reverse the Curse"=191 too. It even talks about Flipping the script. 
Curse of the Billy Goat=223  
It's really making sense the more I think about it...
Cleveland reversed the Curse...Cubs reversed the curse. 
Cubs got 114th win, in 114th season being called the Cubs...Hoboken Train wreck 114 people injured the same day the Cubs "Tie"=114 
Lebron James=114...shot 9 of 23 on 11/4 last year. 
Possibly nothing but...
Reverse Curse=166...the other big number around my uncle. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Back to Back=69
They won 4 months 14 days before Cubs won....
Cleveland Cavaliers=414(English..x6)=Back to Back

Funny how Jamal Murray wins the Rising Stars Challenge MVP today too. He's born on 2/23..
He had 36 of the 150 the rest of the team had 114 points. 
I also noticed the guy who played "Falcon" on Captain America was in the Celebrity game lol. 


  1. Derek implemented reverse ordinal into Excel version of the calculator like 2 months ago, and after a while we concluded that it's relevant so he placed it on the website, but I can see why you're being skeptical about it

    1. Yeah I remember about a year ago someone was telling me about it, but it seems all the sudden popular and it's fitting for the theme. It obviously is important I'm just curious as to why now when it fits the narrative. It seems as though it was supposed to be found at this point in time. Really not blaming anyone, but what we are experiencing I think is much bigger than most people seem to realize. I'm not necessarily skeptical of it, it's just sort've proving thoughts I've had for a long time. I thought this when I first really started practicing gematria in general too, but still know gematria is a big piece to the puzzle. I've thought this about a lot of different aspects of how people are being "Awakened". Thanks for understanding.

  2. I appreciate all your skepticism as well, I think we can 'see enough' that there IS truly something with the Gematria. I for one, think there also IS something else as well. What that is, I don't have a clue and maybe I'm not supposed to. One lesson I've learned in the past year, check the emotions as much as possible. I bought into the Colts/Giants narrative like others. All of my own choice. Then experienced a personal, 'deflate-gate'. I had the money to waste/test/invest/gamble ($1500) So I chalk it up to a life tuition fee of sorts.

    Back to the emotions, I want to encourage you all to keep on keeping on.

    What I like about those studying without acrimony or calling others stupid etc, is being cool about it and pressing on. If loved ones or others don't 'get it' or don't 'want to get it', so be it. Wipe the dust off and move on. Seems like some want to poop on the porch ring the doorbell and run away.

    Hope I'm making sense.

    My personal struggle in all this is the same question I had when I embraced other 'Truth Packages', Religion, Hebrew Roots, Politics, etc. is this: So What?

    So what if we can establish narratives? Unless we can actually help others.

    I will say this, I can watch the News-scape, Land-scape, sports-scape etc from a distance of emotional turmoil, and that's a benefit to a degree.

    Is it wrong for me to have the attitude, that if one doesn't ask me, I don't offer?

    I do drop a lot of hints when I do my morning radio shows, enough so, if someone hears them they have the opportunity to call. For eg, when I give the weather forecast I will make a distinction between man made clouds and natural cloud formations. Or give the local High School Vesica Pisces Scors from Friday night.. or read some of the lyrics over the air.

    Thanks for letting me vent.