Sunday, February 5, 2017

Atlanta 22 years Sports Drought Wiki-Cleveland-Dan Marino-David Justice

I mentioned a few posts back about the number 22 and Dan Marino losing SB 19 by 22 points. My Uncle dying 22 days before SB 51. On Wikipedia it says Atlanta hasn't won a sports championship in 22 years. Although it's actually on 21 years 3 months 8 days since the Braves won in 1995. They did the same thing with the Cavaliers as they kept saying it was 52 years but it was actually only 51 years and some days. 
The Braves in 1995 beat Cleveland, the team I mentioned in regards to Family Guy/Simpsons/Cleveland Show. Also Cleveland just broke the 51 year curse. 
The Braves won on 10/28/1995.  In regards to the Dan Marino stuff and how it's connected to me...get this. 
10/28/1995 was 13 days before my 13th birthday. Dan Marino wore # 13 and so on. 
The year 95' and of course "Daniel Edward Behrendt"=95=Dan Behrendt. 
Braves=22, 67
Daniel Behrendt=67
Barney Murphy=67

I wish I had more time, but I really have to get some sleep. Just a few last things I think are interesting. 
My favorite player in baseball was always David Justice. 
David Justice=46, 127
David Christopher Justice=113, 131, 266 
Pope Francis the 266th Pope...9/23 the 266th day and so on. 
Justice as in Judge as in Dan(Judge) Tribe of Dan-Moses and more. 
David Justice was also married to Halle Berry who was one of the bad guys in the "Flintstones" movie. Also in Bulworth and a lot more. 

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