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Another Spammed Message on my 3/26/16 Post-Family Guy Falconer Episode-The Book of Daniel-Gabriel-Semiotics-Richard Dawkins

I got another spam comment on that same old post today. It's the post from March 26th 2016. I'm trying to figure out why only this post is being spammed? It's the same message with a bunch of different user names. 
Link to Post on 3/26/16
Link to most recent Post about the spamming
I'm pretty sure they were telling me the Patriots would be 8-6 against the Falcons. 

In the video the original post in regards too, I noticed a banner in the background at 11:10(Ironically my bday), but it reminds me a lot of the Falcons....WE RISE...RISE NOW- Phoenix Rising. 
Notice too I was talking about the Warrior vs Thunder games as they were all interrelated. I was showing at this point the Thunder blew a 22 point lead to the Clippers the night before playing the Warriors on 3-3-16=22. 
I even mentioned how Monty Williams wife died 22 day before 3-3(end date). The Warriors first played the Thunder on 2-6 which was 22 days before the 2nd time they played the Thunder.  
Interesting as I was talking about Creighton being connected and a bunch of 22's just before the Super Bowl as well. 
Creighton didn't really blow a big lead but they did blow the lead in the game too. 
Interesting it's 11:06pm on the post above and I started getting spammed on 1/16 exactly 1 month 16 days before I put the video out on 3/4. 
I also noticed I was downloading Invasion of the Body Snatchers based on the book The Body Snatchers by Jack Finney. 

Jack Finney=1114(Jewish) and he dies on 11/14. 
Family Guy Falconer episode-Richard Dawkins
I also just posted the other day about the Family Guy Falconer episode. It was season 11 episode 14. In that post I mentioned how Richard Dawkins came up that day. Notice Richard Dawkins born on 3/26. 
Dawkins a big believer in Evolution. 
Evolution=1114(English non Sumerian)
What else is interesting in regards to that episode is the Falcon is named Xerxes. 

When reading the book of Daniel the other day I noticed they mention Xerxes in Daniel 9:1. He is the father of Darius. Darius is the king whom according to his edict had to put Daniel in the Lions Den. 
I'm just now thinking of Dan and Daniel in regards to the Patriots. 
New England=45

March 26th is also the Synaxis of Gabriel. 

Gabriel of course mentioned in the Old Testament in Daniel. He explains Daniel's visions. Also mentioned in the New Testament in Luke in which he appeared to Zechariah and the Virgin Mary foretelling the births of John the Baptist and Jesus.
Now honestly think about that in regards to Gematria...Gabriel appeared to Daniel and Zechariah(Zach). Possibly nothing but I've talked before about the connections between us. For example the Seattle vs Dolphins game with a score of 10-12 and more...
Just something to think about...

It says Gabriel's feast day is also 9/29. Now I haven't mentioned this yet until now, but on January 28th I found out my girlfriend is pregnant. Her due date is 9/29, whether it really comes then or not it's interesting. 9/29 was a big day a lot of this stems back to and where all of these connections really seemed to connect to my life. 9/29 was the day of the Hoboken trainwreck. So much to add about 9/29 but don't want to type it all. It's 1 month 12 days before my bday. It leaves 93 days in the year. 
So I find out she's pregnant 14 days after my uncle dies on the 14th day of the year. 
We are letting our daughter Claire pick out names and then we are going to agree on what we like best, I'm not going to use gematria on it.  It will be interesting what comes of it, obviously I'm going to look it up after we make a final decision.  It's a long time away though lol just's the end and now a beginning in my life. 

Anyway just yesterday I got some comments on my video about the death of GABE Rygaard. They were positive comments and I'm not calling this person out...just documenting. Just weird a video from 9/27/16 gets some comments a day before I notice a Gabriel connection. 

So as I'm sitting here typing up this blog and for some reason I stopped for a second and started watching the tv. It's on comedy central because my girlfriend has the tv set up to record all the Futurama's. Anyway I look up and Tosh.0 is on. He's interviewing some Youtube guy that gets hit in the nuts in his videos. Of course his name is Zach...Think about it.. Zach getting interviewed by Daniel. I'm literally sitting here reading the book of Daniel, then randomly stop and watch tv and see it's about a Daniel and Zach interview.  

Just before looking at the TV, I noticed how Wiki shows the Book of Daniel. It shows 1-9 and then show Chapter 10-12 as Daniels final vision. 
How interesting 10-12. 
I already showed in a previous post what Daniel 10:12 says in regards to understanding truth...a great war. 
Just before I looked at the TV I was reading Daniel 11. 

It mentions 4 Kings and the the 4th will be far richer than all the others. Think about that in regards to Donald Trump being the richest president ever. "He will stir up everyone against the kingdom of Greece"...interesting in regards to Trump's staged character of hating the mainstream media and trying to stop the NWO and what not to bring america back...So we will see what happens in regards to his presidency but it says after the rich person rules is when a mighty king will rise up and break up the empire. 
There's a lot more a long with it, just interesting as it's starts out this way..
In regards to Trump and the Wall, I can't believe I've never compared it to WALL street in regards to Trump having a lot of money. 

In my video on 3/4/16, I also talked about how someone told me Aubrey McClendon's initials were AM which represented 113..A=1 M=13. 
Funny how the comment I got on this video in which I made my post about on 3/26/16 was in regards to someone named AM Klein. 

The game on 3/3 was also the game in which Prince attended. He died 49 days later..."Warriors"=49 and a lot more. 22 was a big number in regards to the copyright claims I got after posting my Prince video. They claimed my 22 Jumpstreet video. 

So I went to March 26 on Wiki and it lists famous people who were born and died on that day. I noticed in the death section 1 of the people I was just recently looking at. Roland Barthes. 

He died March 26th. 

He was quoted in the film "Birdman" in which I just made a post about. 

He is well known for his study in Semiotics. Read what Semiotics is....The Study of meaning-making, the study of sign processes and meaningful communication. I mean it's exactly what I have been talking about. How all of these interrelated events are connected. 
Semiotics=40, 112
Funny how I find this by studying the meaning behind the signs I keep seeing. Although if you look up examples of semiotics, you can't really find info showing it being used in this way. 

Wish I had more time, but I really have to go to bed. I have to get up at 6am all this week, and usually that's about the time I go to bed. Need to read more in regards to Xerxes in the bible, I'm guessing more clues await. 

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