Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dept. of Education Misspells W.E.B. Du Bois on Twitter- NAACP-Booker T. Washington-Civil Rights-Civil War and more.

We got this story on 2/12 about W.E.B. Du Bois. The Dept. of Education tweeted the wrong spelling of his name. 

It's funny her name is Betsy DeVos which is similar to the way Dubois is written. 

A perfect day for this story too as it's on the 108th anniversary of the NAACP being formed. Du Bois a founder of NAACP. 
How fitting..."Nigger"=42 (5+9+7+7+5+9)
February=42 (only month) has the 42nd day..Black History Month..Ends on 59th day and the 60th day(leap year). 
Jackie Robinson wore # 42...Satchel Paige aka "Leroy Paige"=59 became first black pitcher in WS age 42...played in MLB until age 59. 
Big Brother=59 (Slaves 1984)  Work the 9 to 5. 
Cottonpicker=59...Eli Whitney died age 59. 
Motown records came out in 59'.

HIV came from the Belgian Congo in 59' 
Belgian Congo=59
Booker T Washington dies age 59. 
John Brown(Harpers Ferry) dies age 59 in 1859 on 5/9.

Also it being on the 108th anniversary is interesting as 10/8 is the 281st day....281 is the 60th prime number. Lot's of 108 this year. 
Abraham Lincoln=60

WEB Du Bois of course lived in Atlanta, so just another story connecting to the Superbowl in regards to Atlanta losing. 
I've talked about Dubois before as he died age 95 the reflection of 59...the number connected to Slavery/Black people. 
His real name "William Du Bois"=59
Of course he was born in February...black history month. 
John F Kennedy=59=Slave=Negro and so on...
This story also comes out on the 43rd day...Abe Lincoln's bday...
Forty Three=59  Civil War came to and end on 5/9 and more..
Lincoln died 43 days(end date) after his 2nd term began. Born on 43rd day of the year. Died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began... "Civil War"=43
Atlanta Georgia=59
We're in the year 17' which is fitting because the 17th prime is 59. 

Notice Du Bois also died in 1963, actually 88 days(end date) before JFK died. JFK all about Civil Rights. 

Du Bois born on 2/23 and dies 6 months 4 days after his 95th bday. 
This is fitting because the Civil Rights act was passed in 64'. 
Civil Rights=64
Civil Rights act passed in 64' by 
Lyndon B Johnson=64 and died age 64. 
MLK Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize in 64'. 
MLK Jr=64
MLK Jr. also born in Atlanta also died on 4+4+19+68=95 which was also the 95th day that year. 

Du Bois dies 311 days(end date) before the Civil Rights act. 
311 is the 64th prime number. Of course 311 is used in regards to KKK. K=11  3X11. 

Du Bois' bday being 2/23 also interesting as in a non leap year it leaves 311 days in the year. 

Abe Lincoln first elected president on the 311th day of 1860. 
Won re-election in the year 64'. 
11/6 huh...."African American"=116

JFK gave his Civil Rights Address on June 11th or 11/6. 
Civil Rights Address=116
JFK died age 46(mirror or 64) in "Dallas Texas"=46
Jackie Kennedy died age 64. 

MLK Jr. gave his I have a dream speech the day after WEB Du Bois died. 

It was also 87 days (end date) before JFK was assassinated. 
I have a dream=87

The Civil Right Act passed 223 days after JFK was assassinated. 
February 12th also the day that leaves 322 days in a year. The mirror of 223...322. 

Notice LBJ's bday is 8/27/1908 so WEB Du Bois died on his 55th bday. 

In regards to 8/27....827 is the 144th prime number. 
MLK Jr. dies on 4/4.....Forty Four=144
Lincoln shot on 14/4. 

Betsy Devos of course is 59 years old right now too. 
NAACP=17...17th prime is 59. 

Education must not simply teach work-it must teach life=223

She's also the 11th and first Secretary of Education from Michigan. 
Michigan=46, 64

Booker T Washington not only dies age 59 but he dies 223 days before his 60th bday too. 


  1. Interesting connects with 59, 223, and 322. There have been 2 NFL games that have ended with a 5-9 or 9-5 score. The games just happen to be 2,232 days apart. http://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/game_scores_find.cgi?pts_win=5&pts_lose=9

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