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Warriors get 73 Kobe Bryants Final Game Money Monster (Film) Japanese Earthquake Michael Jordan's last game and 9 of 23. Tyronn Lue, Jordan Mcrae Amtrak Derailments

How about the ridiculously rigged games last night? 
I'm pretty convinced after last night's games that Warriors are going to win Back to Back. 

Look at the final score even. 
Two Hundred twenty Nine=101=Philadelphia
2/29 the 60th day which goes along with Kobe's rigged 60 point game. 
I talked about both of these numbers in my previous post/video. The Warriors have only scored 125 points 3 times now in the regular season. 
The first was against the Bulls on 1/20.   
They won 125-94=219
Back to Back Championships=219
Warriors win Back to Back Championships=314, 125
The 2nd time they scored 125-107 was on 3/14. 
3/14 is 2 months 19 days before the Finals. 
Also Curry's Bday and the day of the Kansas Train Derailment. 
April 13th was the 104th day. The Grizzlies lose with 104 points. 
Lakers lost to Portland on 2/19 which was 104 days before the Finals. 
One Hundred Twenty Five=104
Warriors became 73-9
739 is the 131st prime
Much more but I'm trying to shorten it up a bit. Go back and read my previous posts/videos. 

Curry got 402 Three pointers this season, but in this game the Big deal was for him to get to 400.  Notice how he got 400 giving them 73 points.  They were going for the 73 wins to beat the Bulls. 
Curry even scored 46 points. 
Four Hundred Threes=92=Warriors win Back to Back
Four Hundred Two Threes=267  
9/23 this year is the 267th day. 
Four Hundred=134, 62  
Now I've been seeing these combos of 1 3 and 4 a lot lately.
April 13th even 13/4. 
Kansas Trainwreck on 14/3.
Chester, PA Trainwreck has 341 passengers. 
In regards to Kobe Bryant even. He announced his retirement with the Poem "Dear Basketball"=341(Jewish)
Warriors scored 125 against the Bulls on 1/20 which is 134 days before the Finals. 

Even Says 134,000 viewers of the Lakers game. 

There's more to it, but anyway they keep showing the trailer to the movie "Money Monster" during the last few games. I usually fast forward through the commercials but for some reason I didn't last night. 

Notice how this movie is directed by Jodie Foster too. We just had Nancy Reagan die the day the Warriors lost to the Lakers. Ronald Reagan assassination attempt was by John Hinckley Jr who was obsessed with Jodi Foster.  Interesting to note because of all the times I have mentioned Obama being assassinated. 
Any way this movie is coming out on 5/13. 
5/13 is the 134th day of the year this year. 
It can also be written as 13/5.  

This was the top article on the Warriors Espn page earlier. 1:35. 
Four Hundred Three Pointers=135 
One Hundred Thirty Four=115
One Hundred Thirty Five=115  
Let's look at some of the Clips of the Trailer...

And Look at that.  A 9:23 in this movie.  Also connected with a 51. 
I've been saying the 51 is connected to Philadelphia and the 923.  Notice the 18 above the 51 too.  
Eighteen=46, 73  
So interesting the 18 above the 51. The 18 in connection to Chicago and the Warriors. Not sure if that's significant but wanted to point it out just in case. 
Paris France=56
Obama is 15 years 51 days younger than Trump. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951
1915 was 101 years ago. 1951 was 65 years ago. 
Philadelphia=101, 65  
Money Monster=176, 59
Pope Francis=59  
November Thirteenth Two Thousand Fifteen=176  
11+13+20+15=59  (Paris Attacks)
In the Movie George Clooney plays the main character...
Lee Gates=233(Jewish)   233 is the 51st prime. 

9/23 to 5/13 also a span of 233 days. 

Clooney even says "Get some Balls" and they show basketballs, so you know this movie is connected to the NBA.  I'm guessing it's this years Trainwreck. 
Remember how the movie Trainwreck came out 66 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck last year? 
5/13 to 7/18 is 66 days(Rep National Convention in Cleveland)
5/13 to 7/25 is 73 days (Dem National Con in Philadelphia)

Kobe Scores 60 points last night too. I mean how in the world can anyone believe it's not rigged. 
Abraham Lincoln=60
Lincoln Nebraska=60
Moses Malone, Darryl Dawkins, Flip Saunders. A whole bunch of connections less than a year ago to 60. 
Kobe Tore his achilles exactly 152 years after the Civil War began. 

Kobe scores 60 points 60 days after Lupercalia. The 44th day of the year. 2+13+20+16=51  The day "Antonin Scalia"=51 dies.
If you go from the first Train Wreck this year in Kansas to the day Money Monster comes out it's also 60 days. 
Remember Kobe all about 34.  Tore his achilles age 34 scoring 34 points giving Lakers 43rd win against the Warriors.  He came back 34 weeks later and so on. 

He even purposely missed a free throw in this game so he could give the Lakers 34 points. 

Espn even gives us this 3:43 video. 

The Lakers also got their 17th win and left them with 65 losses. 
Los Angeles=109, 37
Seventeen=109, 37
It was 17 days after Kobe's 1,189th start on Easter. 
Lakers beat Warriors on 3/6 by 17 points. 
Lakers score 101 points.   
Philadelphia=65, 101
They even mention Philadelphia in the game and talk about Joey Crawford retiring as well. 

Joey Crawford=143  
Crawford retired on 3/10/16.   Go figure 34 days before 4/13. He was born in 1951 and from Philadelphia. 

We also got this stat. Kobe's 431st game with 30 + points. 

Then Later Kobe scores the 73rd point. They show it's his 122nd 40 + game.  73 points.   Golden State=122 Chasing the 73.
I also thought it was interesting he scored his 51st point with 1:45 left.  Chicago Illinois=145

What an amazing rigged farewell also. 
He leaves the game with 4.1 seconds left. 
Kobe Bryant=41, 113
Dear Basketball=41, 113
Utah Jazz=113

I also cannot help but think Today's Japanese Earthquake was a tribute to Kobe Bryant. 
Kobe Bryant just finished his 107th game after tearing his achilles. 
It's also interesting because before the Superbowl I was talking about an earthquake happening around this time in April. 
Kobe's named after Japanese Beef. 
It was on 4/14.   
Kobe Bryant=41
When I looked at this story at work it said 2 people dead 19 houses destroyed. Which stuck out because of the 219 I've been talking about. Yet now it says 9 people and 19 houses. It will probably change by tomorrow. 919 though is all about the 62/Pope Francis' Trip to Cuba/Death of James Garfield who died after being shot at the Train Station. 
So interesting if these numbers stay. Especially with it being a 6.2 magnitude. 
4/1 normally the 91st day too. 
I talked about every president assassinated has been coded to "Skull and Bones"=41  

They also mention the worst earthquake on record in Japan on 3/11/11.   Look at the span of days to this one. 
1861  like the Civil War year. 
Also 5 years 1 month 3 days.  
A lot like May 13th when the movie "Money Monster" comes out. 

Also the 3/11 reminds me of the the 222 stuff I was talking about int he previous video/post as well in regards to the Warriors winning. The Cavs lost yesterday with a total score of 222. 
Pistons scored 112
Chicago Bulls=112
Pistons even got 44th win. 
Detroit Pistons=91 I've never seen 91 as a good thing yet.
Lebron James didn't Play=219=Back to Back Championships

"Jordan" Mcrae was the lead scorer for the Cavs. He set the D League record for most points in a game, but it was broken 57 day or 1 month 26 days later by Russ Smith who scored 65.  
Both Players were 87ers(Dleague for 76ers) they broke the records against the Canton Charge(Dleague Cavaliers). 
Mcrae did it on 1/26  then it was broke 1 month 26 days later. 
Also interesting it was 57 days later because the Cavs lost against Detroit and kept their 57 wins.  They play Detroit first round in playoffs too. 
The 134th prime is 757. 
57th prime is 269  (26/9 day Pope went to Philadelphia)
So Mcrae was picked up by the Cavaliers after his D League play too on 2/28 and multi year on 3/9. 
2/28 to 4/3 is 35 days. 
3/9 to 4/13 is 35 days. 
Just makes me wonder.  Remember the Spurs Warriors game was tied at 35 at half. Then Kobe even scored 35 points that same night. 

Unbelievable though, Mcrae was born in Savannah Georgia. That is where the Chester Amtrak was heading before it derailed. It was Train 89.  In an ironic twist if the Cavs do win they would have 73 wins on the Year. If the Warriors win they will have 89 wins on the year. 

The only thing making me wonder is that the Cavs shot 9 of 23 in the regular season and the Warriors didn't.  Last year both teams shot 9 of 23, but Warriors seemed to have it happen on more significant days.  

Look at the Gematria of it....  333  The NBA season this year began on Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. Also 1998. 
The Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan seem to be pretty connected so I looked to see if Jordan shot 9 of 23 in 1998. 

Of Course the only time Jordan shot 9 of 23 that year was against Philadelphia.  The 38th game, Jordan played 38 minutes. Also interesting it was on 1/15. I've talked about the connections to Grizzly Adams/Philadelphia who died that day this year and also the 115 connected to the Warriors. 
38 Also reminds me of the Broncos who won SB 50. 
Also Philadelphia won with 106 points, Remember the Capital of the Country Jordan used to be Philadelphia until 106 AD when it was destroyed by Earthquakes. 

Since this NBA Season so connected to the 95-96 Bulls. I wondered if Michael Jordan shot 9 of 23 in the 1995-1996 season.   

He shot 9 of 23 once during the season. He scored 24 points and they lost to the Pacers. It was their 81st game. 
So interesting he lost on the 9 of 23 but still won the Finals. 
It was 46 days before the Finals on 6/5/1996.   
Remember Michael Jordan's last game ever was against the Philadelphia 76ers as well. 

They lost 107-87.  
87 is the number connected to 219 Pope Francis and Back to Back Championships. 
Notice the 76ers stayed on 34 losses. 

Look at that. Tyronn Lue was also on that Washington Wizards Team.  He is now the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's also the guy who got stepped over by Allen Iverson in the Finals. He even shot .333 in Jordan's final game. Talk about planned coding years prior to this year. 

Jordan was 9 of 23 one time during his final season as well.  Look they lost and stayed on 34 wins.  Tyronn Lue Again shoots .333 and plays 34 minutes. 

Lue's debut on 2/11 vs the Twolves too. 
Interesting because Lebron shot 9 of 23 this year 211 days before the Finals.  He also did it 146 days before Kyrie Irving shot 9 of 23 on 3/29.  146 connected to Philadelphia.   Irving did it 65 days before Finals.   Also Lue played college for  "Nebraska Cornhuskers"=222   Amtrak=222   
Pretty weird too. Lue plays with Kobe in the Beginning of Kobe's Career, then he plays with Jordan in the End of his Career. 

Really strange too, the Pacers got their 51st win. So the 9 of 23 lost to a 51. Just weird cause Lebron is connected to both 923 and 51. 

The Bulls and Pacers also played on the Bulls 51st game. The Bulls won this game and Jordan Scored 44 points.   
Bulls became 46-5 after this game too. 

The Bulls defeated the Seattle Supersonics in the Finals 
Seattle Supersonics=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Chicago Bulls=49

Gary Payton was on that Sonics team. He shot 9 of 23 one time this season as well. It was on their 23rd game 

The Sonics lost that game as well. 

Remember the first time Curry ever shot 9 of 23 the The Bulls beat the Warriors. It was the last home game loss they had before the streak began.   Then he did it again the next home game when the streak began. Then again with a win over the Twolves 11 days later.   Klay Thompson's first 9 of 23 of his career was last year against the Bulls on 12/5/15.  The Warriors won that game. 

The first time Steve Kerr ever made it to the playoffs as a player he was a Cleveland Cavalier and they lost to Philadelphia. 

So who knows, like I keep saying there are a lot of connections to both Cavs and Warriors. I still think Warriors win, because of the back to back. They are also the Philadelphia team, even though the Cavs loaded up to Philadelphia. I think being connected to Philadelphia is not a good thing for the Cavs, because they are just connected to it, not actually originally from there if that makes sense. 
I wonder what the real plan is though. There's something bigger planned in connection to this coding. We'll see if this earthquake brings any aftershocks like the Nepal Earthquake last year. A lot pointing to Obama/Trump/Pope Francis. 

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  1. Awesome work dude, you're a beast! I took the ball and ran with it on the back-to-back train theme and Money Monster today. In that stock ticker shot you snagged with the 239, 18-51 is -33. Willett's 111-X tattoo equals -33.