Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Warriors Back to Back Hawks/Cavs 115 51

In the Spurs game tonight they showed Kawhi Leonard won Back to Back Defensive Player of the year. They even said Back to Back multiple times and the game is only at halftime. 
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers

Also last night Warriors won with 115 points.  
4/18 to 6/2 is  1 month and 15 days before the Finals. 
I've talked about the 115 before. 
Warriors 1st loss was  1 month 15 days into the season to the Bucks on 12/12. 
One Hundred Fifteen=173
12/12 to 6/2 is 173 days. 
Then they lost to Portland on the 115th day of the season on 2/19. 
Back to Back Championships=219 
Lebron James didn't play=219

Warriors only scored 115 in 2 games in the Regular season. 
They got their 49th win on the 51st day. 

Then won again on the 69th day of the year. Got their 57th win.  
Lebron was 9 of 23  57 days before 2016.  They finished regular season with 57 wins.  A lot more.. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

Then last night Warriors beat Houston and score 115 points.  Exactly 1 month 15 days before 6/2. 

Warriors didn't play on 1/15 this year but Cavs did. Look who they beat.  The rockets. 
In the Video on Espn they even say Cavs went 5 in 1 to end their road trip. They had a 13-9 Away record after this game. 
The next game was the one where the Warriors won by 34.  It was Cavs 39th game. 

It's also 4 months 18 days to the Finals and 139 days. 
The Warriors scored 115 on 4/18. 

Cavs also won their 51st game 115 days before the Finals. 
On the 39th day. 
In regards to Kings I've mentioned lots of times that the Cavs are connected to Prince Charles, because Cavaliers are followers of King Charles in the English Civil War.

Danny Willett=51  He upset Jordan Spieth getting Back to Back Masters wins.  He's also from England and the first English person to win the Masters since Faldo in 1996. The same year the Bulls won 72 games.   
I"m not sure how it works though. Since Kawhi Leonard/Westbrook/Lavine all won Back to Back, even the Masters seems connected it may not be. 
Also in regards to "Back to Back"=69
I said months ago that it might not even be Cavs vs Warriors and if not I thought Hawks vs Warriors. 
We had Dikembe Mutombo at the Belgium Attacks. 
The Hawks were originally from "St. Louis"=115 

I pointed this out last year during the Playoffs. They showed Kyle Korver on the bench then zoomed the camera up to the Hawks 9 and 23 Banners.   Korver the 51st pick in the draft. 
Anyway the Last time the Hawks won a championship was in 1958 also 58 years ago. They won against the Boston Celtics, who they are also playing in the first round of the playoffs this year.  
Fifty Eight=115 
# 9 on that Banner is Bob Pettit. He's the only other person besides Russell Westbrook to win Back to Back NBA Allstar Game Mvps. 
He did it in 1958 and 1959. 

Interesting too he turned 83 the same day the Warriors got their first loss this season against Milwaukee. 

The Hawks were even from Milwaukee in 1951. 

On January 15th the Hawks lost to the Bucks 108-101. 
Golden State Warriors=108

Remember this was the game where Horford was 9 of 23 too. 
Horford also played for Florida in college. Florida is the last college team to win Back to Back Championships.(2006,2007)  Horford was on the team coached by Billy Donovan(OKC Thunder coach). 

Also Teague shot 9 of 23 against the Cavs on 4/1. The Total Score was 218.
Back to Back Championships=219
Two Hundred Nineteen=218
Robert Lee Pettit Jr=218
Jeffrey Teague=134  
Hawks also haven't won for 57 seasons. The Cavs have a lot of 57 around them as well. Remember though the Cavs lost to Michael Jordan and the Bulls on 5/7 1989. Jordan Made the Shot over "Craig Ehlo"=51 and knocked Cavs out of playoffs. Jordan scored 44 points. Also if they beat Boston in the Playoffs it will be "Back to Back" Second round of the playoffs. 

Lou Hudson was the # 23 on the Banner. He died last year age 69.

Another reason I think Mutombo is important is because he's # 55.  He played for the Hawks. Also Philly when Tyron Lue got stepped over by Iverson. 
Warriors played Hawks on their 55th game this season. The same day they picked up Anderson Varejao. 
The beat the Cavs on 1+18+20+16=55
Then on the 55th day beat the Heat with 118 points. 
Then lost to the "Los Angeles"=55 keeping 55 wins. 
Even lost to Minnesota this year who is super connected to 55 as well. 
Target Center=55

So who knows. It seems really coded to Cavs vs Warriors but it could be Hawks as well.  I know in my previous post I made it seem as if I'm all for Cavs but I'm not. Main reason being some of the stuff that connects is pretty vague.  
"Nine Hundred Twenty Three good for Cavaliers" is pretty vague. Although it had interesting connections, it's hard to change my opinion on it. It doesn't say When it's good for them and obviously last year it wasn't good for them and so on.  I wanted to document it though in case there is some significance to it that I realize down the road.  
58 is also a big number this year so the Hawks having a drought of 58 years seems significant as well. 
Interesting about the Hawks too though is that they won in 1958 over the Celtics, but they also lost in 1957 to the Celtics. So the messed up the Back to Back. Which once again could be a sign for the Cavs.  There really is a lot for Warriors and Cavs. The coding is undeniable, but being able to properly read it is difficult. 
Both teams in the World Series last year were loaded with connections, same with the Superbowl, same with all the Championships I've covered.  So It's figuring out what the whole point is. The guy dressed as the Pope caught the foul ball at the KC game, and the SB was Black Panther vs White Bronco. This Finals is about Back to Back whatever that actually means is what gets me. 

The Cavs also beat the Bulls 106-101 last year the same day as the Philadelphia Train Wreck. 
They just won against Detroit 106-101 in Game one. 


  1. 923 good for Cavs probably means when the Cavs players go 9/23. Last year that didn't happen.....So using that term for last year is a no no

  2. 5/12.....51 and 52......So the prophecy is in effect this year. Since Mo Williams wears number 52 age 33.

  3. Last year Kyrie Irving was 9 of 23 against the Warriors on 1/9. "Lebron James Didn't Play"=219 in that game. It was 146 days before the Finals. This year Irving shot 9 of 23 146 days after Lebron's shot 9 of 23. Lebron didn't play that game either. Lebron shot 9 of 23 again on 2/5 in a 104-103 loss to Celtics. If Cavs lose Lebron will be 2 and 5 in NBA Finals. 2/5 is 118 days before the Finals. Cavs lost by 34 to Warriors on 1/18. I'm still thinking Cavs vs Warriors but wanted to put this Hawks info out just in case. There's a lot of other big phrases I can use that go against it too. I think 9/19 might be more important this year than 9/23 because of Obama going to Cuba and Pope going to Cuba on 9/19. Curry did shoot 9 of 19 twice this year. 1st against the 76ers on 1/30. 9/19 to 6/2 is 257 days. 257 the 55th prime. An example though is "Nine Hundred Nineteen Good for Warriors"=431 83rd prime is 431 "Nine Hundred Nineteen Bad for Cleveland Cavaliers"=444 Which is interesting because they keep showing that Burger King commercial the 4 for 4 and they even put the 444 in the background. A ton more then I have listed on here which is why I'm skeptical about them. "Four Hundred Forty Four"=1649 Jewish. 1649 was when King Charles I was executed. Cavs followers of him.

  4. With all the "back to back" clues, could it simply mean that the Warriors and Cavs will face each other in back to back finals, rather than meaning the Warriors will win again?

    1. I've thought about that, and it could be true. There's also the 92 stuff though. "Warriors Win Back to Back"=92 "Back to Back Championships"=219 Two Hundred Nineteen=92 It could just mean they play again and Warriors lose, but I'm just not completely sold on it. Especially with the 51 stuff, because I do not think 51 is a good thing. Every time I find something saying Cavs win, I find something saying Warriors win lol. It's crazy. Even Grover Cleveland the only president to serve non Back to Back terms. His real name Stephen Grover Cleveland. But he's also the 24th president and dies age 71 which is in connection with the 44. Cavs pry will win, I just can't convince myself of it yet.

    2. It will be a very educational NBA finals, either way it goes