Saturday, April 16, 2016

56 a Special number to my life today.

Just wanted to share a personal numbers thing. So I've mentioned a lot how 56 is a number associated mostly with bad things. 
Paris France=56
Osama Bin Laden=56
Saddam Hussein=56
Adolf Hitler=56
I also talked about my Aunts Brother who was a principal who got shot and the story was on CNN even.  His name added to 56 and my aunts name added to 56.  
Anyway I ordered some fried chicken last night. I think I got food poisoning or something because I have felt awful ever since. Just finally getting out of bed now. 
As I was laying in bed tossing and turning all night, I was like Man I feel like I'm gonna die. I then thought to myself well would the numbers make sense for it to happen.  
Of course they do, although I am feeling a little better so pretty sure I'm not going to die today lol...or I at least hope not.  

Anyway I turned 33 years old on November 10th 2015.  

Today is also 5 months 6 days after my Bday. 
Today is 4+16+20+16=56  
It's also "April"=56  the only month to do so. 
Also the only reason I got out of bed was to watch Basketball.  Of course right as I sit down, the announcer on TV let us know the Raptors had 56 wins this season. 
If you look at the standings they were the only team to have exactly 56 wins this season too. 
As I'm typing this they have now mentioned the Raptors had 56 wins for the 3rd time and it's barely into the 1st quarter. 

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