Friday, April 15, 2016

North Carolina Bathroom Law NBA All Star Week, Bruce Springsteen

In light of all the Philadelphia and North Carolina Coding, I wanted to show this article. Both places connected a lot to sporting events as well. 
So Bruce Springsteen canceled his NC show over the "Bathroom Law"
Bathroom Law=128
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128

Springsteen I remembered was born on 9/23. 
Springsteen=146   A number connected to Philadelphia. 

Also he wrote the theme song for the film "Philadelphia".  This movie stood out because of the AIDS/Team America stuff they were doing with the Paris Attacks. What's interesting too about this movie is they have a flyer up in the background telling us about Philadelphia's anniversary on 10/27.  The movie came out in 1993. So it was Philadlephia's 311th anniversary.  Just sticks out because there were a lot of 311 and 113 around the Paris Attacks. 
E Street Band=113

Today we get an article about the NBA All Star game still being held in NC despite the law. 
All Star Game=109

Next years All Star game is going to be on 2/19. 
219 the number I keep talking about in regards to Pope Francis and Back to Back Championships. 
Charlotte North Carolina=106
Today is the 106th day. 
That also means All Star Week starts on 2/17. So starts on Michael Jordan's 54th Birthday in the Arena that he owns. 

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