Friday, April 15, 2016

Will Smith(Football) Judge Theme Uncle Phil Fresh Prince of Bel Air

I'm pretty far behind on this story. There's a lot I can talk about, but I mainly want to point out the Obvious Philadelphia reference in regards to this guys death.
I've mentioned a lot about the actor Will Smith in regards to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. 
He's the Fresh Prince, like if Queen dies her Son Prince Charles would be the new King.  
He's from West Philadelphia Born and Raised. He even gets beat up on the Basketball Court. 
West Philadelphia=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

I have a 3 part video on Kobe Bryant and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 
I even point out that Wilt Chamberlain is the real Fresh Prince, as he went to the Same High School as Will Smith and also died in Bel Air California. 
Wilt Chamberlain=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Chamberlains 100 point game came 6 months 9 days after his 25th bday. The rest of the team only scored 69 points in that game. 
Will Smith(Footballer) dies on 100th day of the year. 

Interesting Wilt Chamberlain was exactly 118 days older than Pope Francis.   8/21/36 to 12/17/36. 

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air=222

I've also been mentioning how there is some type of Judge theme. 
A lot of 116 coded into.  A Texas Judge was shot outside her home on 11/6.  Antonin Scalia dies on 2/13. Obama nominates Merrick Garland which had a bunch of 116.  See my posts on it. 
Anyway there has always been something suspicous about the Death of James Avery. Avery as Will's Uncle Phil who was a Judge. 

He died 2 years 3 months 9 days before Will Smith(Football)
We are in the 239th year of US...9/23 or 23/9. Yadayada
Uncle Phil=100

On the show he was even born in North Carolina. Loved Ronald Reagan and got to see Malcolm X speak.  Seems pretty fitting to this year so far. 

2 days after Will Smith dies we get the death of Doug Banks. Born in Philadelphia...Dies from "Diabetes"=65=Philadelphia
It just really stands out because on Fresh Prince Will moves in with the Banks Family.  Philip Banks, Carlton Banks... 
Doug Banks=404
Pope Francis=404
Prince Charles=404
Philadelphia comes from the Book of Revelation. 
The KJV came out 404 years until 5/2/16. 
Revelation has 404 verses.  

In regards to Football and the Actor Will Smith, I remember I made a video on this movie that Youtube made me take down. The first half hour of so shows how subliminal programming is used and he wins a bet using it.  
He's betting at the Football game in New Orleans, where The Football Player Will Smith played. Later the movie goes to Buenos Aires, where Pope Francis is From. 
He's also in that movie Concussion. I haven't watched that movie before, but it's about football concussions. We get stories about this constantly in the media too. 

He's also in this movie coming out in August. I talked about this movie before because of the XX on the Cover and how it connected to Superbowl 50.  That was coded to Superbowl XX(85' Bears)
When I was thinking of this movie though. I remembered the Chester PA Amtrak that derailed was Train 89.  Just sticks out because 1989 was the original Batman movie. Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson the Joker. So much Kobe Bryant Drama too and Kobe was # 24 which is X.  Also Jack Nicholson longtime Laker Fan. Not sure how to make sense of it, but it's all organized perfectly to fit the code. 

Michael Keaton is also Lohan's dad on Herbie Fully Loaded that has the Blood Moon over the Golden Gate Bridge on her shirt. 
Keaton also from Pennsylanvia. 

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