Sunday, April 3, 2016

English Civil War Villanova vs OKlahoma Syracuse vs UNC Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan

What a hilarious couple of games. Villanova wins by 44 and Oklahoma loses scoring 51 points.
95+51=146  the number I keep talking about in regards to Obama/Trump/Pope Francis
Golden State Warrriors=108
Lebron James=51
So on....
Villanova even has 42 points at halftime. The game on 4/2 with 42 date numerology too. 
So the 51 loses by 44? hmm. 

One of the things I overlooked in regards to King Charles/Carolina/Cavalier stuff is the fact that William Of Orange died on 3/8 age 51. 
Syracuse was in their 38th NCAA Tourney and with the loss to North Carolina and got their 38th loss in the Tourney. 

They lose UNC who scores 83  the mirror of 38. 
I knew they most likely weren't coming back at half when the Total score 28+39=67
North Carolina=67
Plus the game really got away early in the 2nd half after Syracuse got 33 points.  

Interesting I talked about Carolina's being named after King Charles I, but I didn't realize they were located in Orange County. Named after Prince William V of Orange.  Not the William of Orange who replaced King James II but still interesting. 

Villanova connected to Philadelphia. So was Syracuse.
IF UNC wins they will have 118 wins in the Tournament overall. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=118 
North Carolina Tarheels=101=Philadelphia. 
March Madness=118

Philadelphia and Pennsylvania founded by William Penn. 
Just want to point out that he was Cavalier and the land of Pennsylvania was granted to him by King Charles II. 

William Penn=128, 56
December 8th or 12/8  is 118 days before 4/4. 
Fifty Six=118  
The day the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34 was 1/18. or 18/1. 
One Hundred Eighteen=181
42nd prime is 181.  Today is 4/2. 

The first time UNC played Syracuse this year was on 1/9. Then won with 84 points. Also Syracuse lost with 73 points making their 
Home Record 7-3 and Overall 10-7. 
King Charles=107

Also the game was 84 days before 4/2. 

Syracuse played UNC again 51 days later and lost giving UNC a 15-1 Home Record. 
Then 33 games later Syracuse loses on 4/2.  

Isn't funny too in regards to Villanova being right next to where Kobe Bryant went to High School that Kobe said a few years back he would've went to North Carolina, not Duke if he went to college. Now Kobe almost completely finished with his Career and UNC in Championship Game. 
He said the reason he wanted to go to UNC was because he wanted to play against Vince Carter every day. 
Vince Carter=118, 55
Airball=55(Kobe announces retirement after an airball)
 Plus this year in the NBA it's all about Michael Jordan and the 72-10 Chicago Bulls.  Michael Jordan went to UNC. So now in the NCAA championship game we get a team that is right next to where Kobe played before the NBA vs a Team that Michael Jordan played for before the NBA. lol it's awesome how this is done. 

Michael Jordan's last NBA game ever was against the Philadelphia 76ers in Philadelphia. Which was also the same year Jason Richardson won Back to Back Slam Dunk Contests.  He was a Warrior and he retired on 9/23/15. 

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