Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Freddie Mercury's Voice Lot's of 51 in the past year.

So just the other night I mentioned Kanye West and Taylor Swift in again. I mentioned how Kanye sung the Gay Band Queen's song at Glastonbury and all that. 
Now we get the Story about the science behind Freddie Mercury's voice. 
Kanye West=51
Taylor Swift=51
Remember Kanye even said he was the greatest living "Rockstar"=51
It's also 1 day before Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday. 
Grays Anatomy=51

Last year I even talked about the Significance of Freddie Gray to it as well. 
Freddie Mercury=154
Lot's of 154 around the Denver Broncos too. 
Levi's Stadium=154
Denver Broncos=154
Finished with a 15-4 record. 
Plutonium Two Hundred Thirty Nine=154
Nuclear Reactor=154
Abe Lincoln died on 15/4.
The Fresh Prince=154
Princess Camilla=154
 HIV Positive=154
Tony Bennett=154(341 connections to Virginia Cavs)
NBA Finals begin this year on the 154th day of the year. 

Doesn't it seem a little strange that Wonder Woman's name is Diana Prince.   Princess Diana the first wife of Prince Charles. 
In Batman vs Superman,  Superman dies at the end. I guess he technically comes back to life but he is thought to be dead.
King Charles=107
Cavaliers supporters of King Charles. 

Mercury also has Gematria connections to Cleveland.
Cleveland=798 (Jewish)
 9/23 was 103 days before the Cav's went 23-9. Against Toronto. 
Toronto was team that hosted the All Star Week that involved the Back to Back theme. 
Back to Back=69=Cleveland Cavaliers

I said previously I think there is more of a connection to 9/19 this year than 9/23.  
Six Hundred Eighteen=199(Simple)  919(Jewish)
September 19th  is 19/9 or 9/19.   
Also the same day James Garfield died in 1881. He died 79 days after being shot at the train station. 
Pope Frances is 79 years old. 
Lebron Raymone James=79

I've also mentioned a lot in regards to 51. 
Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951
Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama.

Queen Victoria also died 51 years 15 days before Queen Elizabeth II became the Queen. 
Victoria was the longest reigning English/British Monarch ever until Elizabeth surpassed her on 9/9/2015.   Notice she died on 1/22 also. 
The NBA Finals begin on Queen Elizabeth's 63rd anniversary of her Coronation. 

John McShain=114, 51   
He built the Pentagon. He died 9/9/1989. Also from Philadelphia. 

Obama met Michelle in 1989. 
Michelle Obama=99

Look at the Pictures CNN puts in the Article about Freddie Mercury too. 
Of course they mention Charlie Sheen. 
5/1 Arm   3.13 percent. 
Pope Francis became Pope on 3/13/13. 

So There has been a whole lot of 51 in the past year as well. I want to be like everyone else and say the Cavs will win. It's just not that clear to me because of their connections to 51  most of the 51 is connected to Bad things. 
Also the Cleveland Curse was from 51 years ago. 
This season the Browns lost which was 51 seasons since they won in 1964.  It was also the Indians 51st season since the Browns won. They both didn't win it on the 51st season. This is the Cavs 46th Season.(So 45 seasons of the Curse) Also the Cleveland Barons Hockey Team is considered part of the Curse. The played 11 seasons but only 2 in Cleveland.  Wikipedia has this info all messed up, If you go to Sports Reference you can count the seasons for yourself. Wiki Says 156 Seasons. 
  51+51+45+2=149 or 149+9=158(Barons 2 or 11?)  

Some other 51's I find intersting:

The Final Game on Teen Wolf they win 52 to 51. Making the Total score 103 even. 

The Revenant=51 
Suicide Squad=51
Boston Bruins=51(Happy Gilmore)
Huey Newton=51(Black Panthers founder)
Windy City=51(Chicago)

Queen Elizabeth II's mother was 51 years old when Eliz II became Queen. So she became a widow age 51.  She also was born on 8/4/1900. Exactly 61 years before Obama.  The Queens Mother also coronated on 5/12/1937.  So 78 years before Amtrak crash.
Seven Eight=51 
August Fourth=51

Steve Harvey=51  He was the one who switched gave the Crown to the Wrong person. Almost as if showing a change in Power. 

The Philadelphia Experiment boat was called "USS Eldridge"=51

Wilt The Stilt=51  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air also played college at Kansas. 

Boise, Idaho=51  (43rd state, commercial)

Napoleon Bonaparte died age 51.  

Osama Bin Laden died on 5/1. 

Go Set a Watchman=51 (Harper Lee's last book)

English Civil War ends in 1651 with the Banishment of Charles II. 


Wayne's World=51
Wayne Campbell=51  (Mike Myers with Kanye Hurricane Katrina)

Geneva Bible 51 years before KJV.

II Duce=51

World War I=51

Hawaii=51(Where Obama's from)


Princess Margaret was the 1st Royal person to be divorced since Henry VIII. Then Prince Charles was the 2nd with Diana. 
Margaret's only daughter  was "Sarah Chatto"=51  also turned 51 on 5/1/15. 

Geronimo=51 (Skull and Bones stole his bones)

Ronda Rousey=51

Wolf Festival=51
Antonin Scalia=51  died on 2+13+20+16=51   The first day of the Wolf Festival. 

Hitler Salute=51
Francis Bacon=51
Michael Fox=51
James Naismith=51 (Creator of Basketball)
New York Mets=51, 168  
Kaufmann Stadium=51, 158   
Age of Pisces=51
Boaty McBoatface=51
Michael=51 (UNC game Jordan said that was back when he was Mike now he's Michael. Then UNC lost)

CNN had the movie about Steve Jobs 1,551 days after he died. 
When Lakers beat the Warrior's it was Kobe's 1,551st game.  Kobe Lost his shoe allowing Warriors to get 51st point. 
Kobe Loses Shoe=51
Lakers stayed on 51 losses with the win. 


  1. 57 time stamp on frontpage of espn of the cavs

  2. 57 time stamp on frontpage of espn of the cavs