Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Warriors Back to Back, Warriors Vs Spur/Grizzlies National Conventions/Amtraks

I want to start this post off with a couple of video clips I took of the Warriors last few games. This is just an example of what they've been doing since at least the All Star week when the Warriors play. Go back and watch previous games too, if you don't believe me. 
They mention Back to Back multiple times in every game. 

Now either they are subliminally programming everyone to think Warriors are going to win Back to Back and then disappoint them.  
Or... Warriors will win Back to Back. They are just doing this because most people do not have a clue and it's their mocking of the us.  and they are telling us Warriors are going to Win Back to Back. 
As the post goes on I'm going to go over the Warriors Vs Grizzlies Game  and the Warriors Vs Spurs game. A lot of people are about the Cavs winning this year and It wouldn't surprise me if they do win. Although I've pointed out some things for the Cavs, I still really think the Warriors will win Back to Back. 
Also it really doesn't matter to me who wins. These games are used for coding to other events that really matter. 

The Reason I noticed the Back to Back theme was because last year the All Star Week was connected to the NBA Finals.  This year Zach Lavine and Russell Westbrook both won Back to Back in the Slam Dunk Contest and the All Star Game Mvp. 
A whole lot to it, but they were both former players at UCLA. 
UCLA=222 (English)
Amtrak=222 (Jewish) 
 The Warriors picked up Anderson Varejao on 2/22.  He was dropped from Portland. Warriors picked him up 3 days after getting blown out by Portland. The next time the played Portland was 18 days later(Varejao even # 18) on 3/11.  
3/11 to NBA Finals is 2 months 22 days. Also 83 days. 
Elton Brand came out of Retirement 146 days later to 76ers. He was born on 3/11/79 (Pope is 79) He came back on 1/4 the same day Cavaliers became 23-9.  
They won 122 to 100 though. 
Golden State=122
One Hundred=108=Golden State Warriors
2/22 to NBA Finals is 101 days. Also 3 months 11 days. 
National Basketball Association=1776(English)

First off in this Grizzlies game the Total Score was 199. 
The 46th prime number is 199. 
Also in Regards to Trains  James Garfield died 79 days after being shot at a train station in 1881.  He was only president for 199 days. Also died on 19/9. "September Nineteenth"=91 
Pope Francis' Trip to the US began going to Cuba on 19/9.

One Hundred=108=Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors=90, 99, 108 

The game was on 4/9 which is the 100th day in 2016.   
Warriors even scored 100th point with 1:00 in the 4th quarter. 
The Warriors also have been super connected to Pope Francis and Philadelphia.  They are originally from Philadelphia. 
The win against the Grizzlies made them 71-9 overall. 
719 is the 128th prime. 
William Penn=128
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128

Matt Barnes of the Grizzlies also had a great game.  Funny he used to be a Warrior and Tied the All time Warrior 3 pointers in one game record with 7.  Now we have the Splash Brothers whose main attraction is the 3 ball.  Barnes Record was broke by Jason Richardson(Retired on 9/23/15)  

He also scored his last points and the Grizzlies last points with 1:13 left. 
Matt Barnes=113
46th pick in the draft. 199=46th prime. 
Also he wears # 22.  The 22nd prime is 79.  
In my previous posts I mention how the 79 is connected to Amtraks/Merle Haggard/Grizzly Adams/Pope Francis. 
Francis is 79 years old. 
Nine Twenty Three=79
Interesting too he turned 36 on the 69th day of the year. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69   
Remember he is from UCLA as well, as I will explain more later. 

So the next night on 4/10 the Warriors defeat the Spurs to get 72 wins. 
Warriors score 92. 
Warriors win Back to Back=92
So Warriors broke Spurs Home Game win Streak and made the Spurs 39-1. 
Thirty Nine and One=87
Thirty Nine and One Home Record=146
146 a number I have mentioned a bunch in regards to Philadelphia and also June 14th(Trumps Bday, Popes 1,189th day)
The Spurs went into this game with 65 wins.  

It was also 65 days before June 14th. Also April 10th is the 101st day this year. 
Philadelphia=65, 101 

This game was also 22 days after the last the Spurs played the Warriors at home.  Notice how they beat them 87-79 on the 79th day of the year. 
22nd prime is 79.  

This game was also the 160th time they played each other. 
Spurs have 104 wins and now GS has 56 wins. 
56 also a number connected to Philadelphia. 
104 wins....April 10th is 10/4. 
In this game the announcers tell us that the Spurs limited the Splash Brothers to 2 of 19 in the game on 3/19.  
Back to Back Championships=219
Lebron James Didn't Play=219
Season Began on 10/27 to NBA Finals is 219 days. 
10/27 also day Philadelphia turned 333 years old. 
Kansas Train Wreck 2 months 19 days before Finals. 
I keep mentioning this like crazy. There are lots of 219 connections to the Warriors. 
Warriors lost to Portland on 2/19 which was 104 days before the Finals begin. 
That game also gave was the Away loss after they had 24 Away wins.   Remember their streak was also broken after winning 24 total games this year too. Making them 24-1. 
Twenty Four=1881 (Jewish) (Garfield) 
Also Broncos won with 24 points  24 the X Theme. 

I had a good idea Spurs would lose when I saw this Stat.  They were 9 of 23 in the First Quarter. 
The reason is because I have seen the 34 in connection to 9/23 multiple times this year with the Warriors and always been a good thing.  
The Warriors hadn't won a game in San Antonio since 2/14/1997.  Also it was 33 games, so they won the 34th time they played there. Plus the Warriors also got 34 Road Wins by winning this game. 
Remember on 1/18 the Warriors beat the Cavs by 34 points. It was also 34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23 on 11/4. They even beat the Lakers on 11/24 111-77 or by 34 points.   Lakers connected because of Kobe Bryant.  Who is a Philadelphia Native, also tore his achilles against the Warriors age 34  scoring 34 points giving Lakers 43rd win of season. Much more. 
Villanova=108=Golden State Warriors. 
Kobe went to High School 15 minutes away from Villanova. They beat UNC(Jordan's team). 
Lot's of Jordan losing stuff,  Even Jordan Spieth who choked at the Masters. He lost the Back to Back but he's also connected to Jordan. The Warriors most likely will defeat Jordan on Wednesday. A Weird twist though is that the Capital of the Country Jordan was Philadelphia until the Year 106 AD and then later destroyed by Earthquakes. 

Kobe Bryant even scored 35 points last night. Lakers got their 35th Away loss.  The Spurs and Warriors were tied 35 to 35 at halftime. 3/5 was also the 65th day of the year in 2016.  
35 interesting because it's the mirror of 53.  Warriors lost 53rd game on 2/19.   Their first loss gave them a 24-1 record.  241 the 53rd prime. Much more. 

Then tonight 4/11  OKC defeats the Lakers who score 79 points. The Lakers got 65th loss.  Champion=79  So the Champion is connected to Philadelphia.  OKC also now has a 32-9 Home record.  The reverse 9-23.  
When Lakers beat Warriors they also scored 112 points. They stayed on 51 losses too. 
Today 4/11 is also 36 days after 3/6 when the Lakers beat Warriors. Lakers also got 36th away loss. Notice OKC also has 55 wins now. Warriors lost to Lakers with a 55-5 record. 
It's tough it could be saying the 112 beats the Champion but I actually think it's the other way around because the 32-9 is Backwards.    4/11 also the 112th day. 
Also "Chicago Bulls"=112 
They also beat Spurs on 4/7 112 to 101. 
112+79=191=Society of Jesus
The Amtrak wrecks also connected to the number 34.  The first on 3/14 was in Kansas the 34th state. The 2nd in Chester, PA on April 3rd or 3/4  4/3. 
Lebron would be 3-4 in NBA Finals if Cavs win though, but Spurs lost after shooting 9 of 23 and Cavs lost last year even though connected to 923 like this year. Also the 51 stuff just seems to be around death. 
Lebron was 9 of 23 on 2/5 this year as well. So would be fitting if he loses and become 2-5 in NBA Finals.  2/5 was the 101st day of the NBA season or 101 days after Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 

They lost to Boston 104 to 103.   
9/23 to 1/4 is 103 days. 
It was Cavs 49th game. 
2/5 to 6/2 is 118 days.   Remember Warriors beat Cavs on 1/18 by 34. 34 games after Lebron's first 9 of 23.  Interesting the Cavs stayed on 35 wins after this loss too. 
The next time they played was on 3/5 (65th day)  Cavs got their 44th win. Winning 120-103. 
One Hundred Three=83 
One Hundred Four=168=Cleveland Cavaliers
Warriors also beat Cavs by 34 on 83rd game day of Season. 
I've been trying to figure out what the 120 is all about. I think I know. The Warriors defeated the Cavs by 34 on 1/18. The next game Warriors beat the Bulls on 1/20. They won with a total score of 219 points.   It even gave the Bulls a 16-8 Home Record. 
Also 1/20 to NBA Finals is 134 days.   Remember the Amtrak crashes...Chester had 341 passengers,  Kansas was on 14/3.    83rd prime is 431.  I know not the same but a Combo of the same numbers that also happen to represent Pi. 314. 

Look at the time on the video of the game on 3/5.   1:01. 
Lebron even says in the video we held them to 83 points after 3 quarters. 
3/5 to 14/6  is 101 days. 

101 days after 9/23 Cavs beat Orlando 104 to 79.   Orlando even a 7-9 away record. 

Anyway if Warriors beat the Streak tomorrow they will become 73-9. 
131st prime is 739. 
April 13th also the 104th day this year. 
If Warriors win I just cannot see them losing the Finals.
If Curry Make a 3 pointer it will also be his 152nd straight game with a 3.    
Seventy Nine=152
Easter Sunday=152  

So Like I said a bunch of coding to each team, but I think the Back to Back Stuff really stands out more. 
What makes me think there is a big event coming up is the Democratic/Republican National Conventions. 

This year the Republican National Convention is in Cleveland on July 18th to July 21st

The Democratic National Convention is in Philadelphia on July 25th to 28th. 
Cleveland vs Philadelphia. 

If you go from the Kansas Train Wreck to Start of Rep Convention it's 4 months 4 days. These candidates running to be the 44 person to be president. 44 a number around Death. July 18th also 18/7.  187  Murder.  

If you go from Kansas Train to Dem Convention it's 4 months 11 days.   Assassin=411 JFK died on 411 Elm Street. 

Pope Francis turned 15 in 1951.
Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama.
1951 was 65 years ago
1915 was 101 years ago.
Philadelphia=65, 101
The Paris Attacks were 51 days after 9/23.
Antonin Scalia=51
Washington DC sometimes referred to as 51st state. 


  1. Spieth had a meltdown on hole 12 at the Masters and went back-to-back into the drink. The hole is called 'Golden Bell' =34/88. The write-up on Augusta.com even calls it "a BEAR to play."

    1. Willet's caddy wore an 89 same as Jack Nicklaus's caddy when he won in '86. Jack Nicklaus was the 'Golden Bear' and Thomas the Tank Engine toys produced by Golden Bear Toys. Jack makes an appearance in a 2013 film called King of the Railway that features a golden yellow train called Stephen.