Saturday, April 16, 2016

9 Guantanamo detainees. 134 King Charles III

Guantanamo Bay=135
May 13th the 134th day.   13/5 or 5/13

80 people remain there. That means there were 89 people. 
Like Train # 89 Amtrak Derailment.(Chester)   
Queen Elizabeth II is 89 years old. 
If she dies her son will become
 "King Charles III"=80, 134
Today also the 107th day of the year. 
King Charles=107 


  1. We also got front page news of William & Kate at 'The Taj Mahal' =99/36. Regicide =360. King Charles the Third =199. Regicide also equals 122 in JG.

    1. One Twenty Two =199 - so we can complete the thought :)

      You guys can forget about a Charles III - he will be sacrificed before the Queen dies. But the Queen will die shortly after Charles suspicious death - probably like 66 days later, ha...I'm looking fwd to how they do it. It all leads to William being King much sooner then we are all expecting.

      A young King = a long Rule.

  2. Nice, I saw that story too just didn't read it. Yesterday we had the Queen Elizabeth losing her job in Jamaica story. Also Princess Diana and Charles Got Divorced in 1996 73 days after the Bulls won the Finals.