Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Doris Roberts death

Doris Roberts on Everybody Loves Raymond dies age 90. 

Notice CNN gives us the 1:01 video? 
Her characters name on the show was Marie Barone.  
Marie Barone=56, 101 

Cnn headline says "Raymond" star. 
She dies age 90

Her birthday was same day Lebron shot 9 of 23.  
Just a thought but Lebron's Middle name is "Raymone"
Lebron Raymone James=79  
Interesting number...Pope Francis just turned 79 and a lot of 79's we've been mentioning. 

Interesting she dies 5 months 13 days after he bday. I just started mentioning the movie Money Monster and how it comes out on 5/13. 
She also died 207 days after 9/23/15.  
The Cavaliers defeated the Pistons the same day she died 101-106.


  1. Dan i Saw your post.

    Nice work brother! Congrats on the new blog. Red and Blue Super Bowl =217 like the year 2017. My numbers are confirming the Colts prediction too, and that’s a fresh idea with the opponent being a red squad. We should decode all the possible red teams — Cards, 9ers, Bills, Skins, Pats, who else?

    And just a tip between Gematria bloggers, always keep the reader in mind and format your posts for optimal legibility. Like short paragraphs and spaces between them😉 Also bullet points are helpful to highlight a thought.

    All the best buddy, don’t hesitate to hit me up for anything

    Look at this.http://corner.bigblueinteractive.com/index.php?mode=2&thread=534257.

    So goes the Falcons prediction..."New york Football Giants" in the English Reduction system equals 93

    Save"New york Football Giants" in the English Sumerian system equals 1584

    Save"New york Football Giants" in the English Ordinal system equals 264

    Save"New york Football Giants" in the English Gematria system equals 2181

    Uniforms Worn in 1933.......83 years later is 2016.....Football.

  2. Also Dude I wanted to be the first to come out with the possibility of a Pats Super Bowl in my video because Brady is 39....Theyve had ALOT of Deaths from CTE and ALS and have Picked up Massive guys to hep their team....Especially number 83 Martellius Bennet who played for the Giants.....

    47th Year in the NFL......57th Year of existence. Colts havent done anything While the Pats were undefeated with No Mankins last year.....

    Also Look At the 1963 AFL AND NFL Finals. Giants and the bears.....Pats and the Chargers lost 51-10......15 Year Anniversary of 9/11...Theyve already faced off twice so I wouldnt doubt if they do it again plus...51= Conspiracy...

    Brady 39 and Manning will be 36.....Remember after the Super Bowl Robert Kraft said something about Brady being better than the Mannings?

    Pats make a strong case. Colts to but Brady is like Lebron he is signed until his 40s so with this team as of now that he has it makes perfect sense.

  3. Also Dude Check out The Signing of Chris Hogan.....That should get the ball rolling.

    Chris Hogan a former giant now on the Patriots. Nickname 7-11 I'm sure that number is occult but I'm trying to find out the meaning. Was released from the 49ers on September 3...9 days Later signed with the Giants on 9/12 then 11 days later was released 9/23. Then on the Dolphins he was released on Septermber 11. Longest Catch was for 46 Yards in career and today he signed with the pats on 3/11. Number 15. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/14949762/chris-hogan-agrees-offer-sheet-new-england-patriots-buffalo-bills-five-days-match

    Chris Hogan was coding for the Giants....10 years after 9/11 where the Pats and Giants Played. Number 15 in 2015 played in Buffalo NY. Now 5 Years after 2011 number 15 is on the Patriots?

    Kevin Turner was a Former new england patriot...

    Will Smith Played with the Pats in 2014.


    At 67 and This guy died in Houston at age 67.......


    On 10/10.... Which is 33 days after the death of Tyler Sash...on 9/8

    Junior Seau played for the Pats btw

  4. the Deaths between the Adamms is 166 days apart.

    Julius Adams died 47 days or 46 without the end date after SB 50

    Julius's Death is 133 days before Bradys Birthday.....?


  5. Also Bradys birth day to Sam Adamms is 69 days?........Turner born in 69

  6. Oh Shit Turner Died the same day as Julius Addams?? I think That Turner was meant for the Pats?

    Creepy Creepy