Friday, April 15, 2016

7.0 Japanese Earthquake 109, 134, Bullet Train

Another Japanese Earthquake today 4/15. 
First off I love how the guy on the phone is in "Golden" Colorado. 
Paul Caruso=37 
The Epicenter in "Kumamoto Japan"=151, 43, 52 

Kumamoto=109, 37
Los Angeles=109, 37
Seventeen=109, 37
Funny how I mentioned I think it's connected to Kobe Bryant's final game and the Warriors connection. 
Also Back in January I was mentioning how 109 seemed to be connected to Earthquakes. As the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was 109 years ago.  The 110th anniversary will be on the 109th day this year. 
When Kobe Tore his achilles vs Golden State the Score was 107-109
Kobe then came in and made his 2 free throws making it 109-109. 
Charles Francis Richter=109

Interesting too they show us a picture of a derailed Bullet Train. 
"Bullet Train"=134, 44
Earthquake=44, 107  
I just mentioned the 134 a bunch in my previous post in regards to Lakers/Warriors and the Film Money Monster. 
Today is 62 days after the 44th day.  And the day after Japan has a 6.2 Earthquake. 

They even let us know that the 7.0 was only 6.2 miles deep. 

Bullet Train is also called 
Kyushu Shinkansen=219, 66  
The 219 again.  Also I just notice the "Kansen" part in the name. 
Remember it was originally reported 2 dead and 19 houses destroyed. 

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