Monday, April 4, 2016

Chester Philadelphia Trainwreck connects to Virginia/Earthquakes/English Civil War/Happy Gilmore/Pope Francis

Today we got another Amtrak crash outside of Philadelphia. 

It says that 341 people were on board. 

I've been talking about the English Civil War and how it connects to Cavaliers. When I saw 341 I instantly thought of Tony Bennett the Virginia Cavaliers coach who collapsed in the first game of the NCAA Tourney against Hampton. 

He collapsed with 34.1 seconds left in the first half. 

The Train that derailed was Train 89. 
Virginia Cavaliers=89
King James=89
The singer Tony Bennett who most thought collapsed  is 89 years old. 
Back to the Future III came out in 1989. (Which is connected to 131 and 107)  
Queen Elizabeth II is 89 years old. 
Cavaliers are supporters of King Charles in the English Civil War. If Queen Elizabeth dies the next king will be King Charles III. 

So Basically if you look at history, England went along with the Catholic Church until King Henry VIII.  He wanted to get divorced and the Pope wouldn't let him, so he went against the church and it created the Church of England. Then Later we got King James who had the King James Bible created and Catholics Vs Protestants/Church of England became a big thing. 
King James son was King Charles I and when he became King the English Civil Wars started and he was executed. People mostly hated him because he was married to a Catholic French woman. Then his son King Charles II was banished and Oliver Cromwell took over.  Once he died Charles II came back and on his deathbed converted to Catholicism. Then his brother James II took over who was a Catholic and the last Catholic King of England. He was basically overthrown by William of Orange.  
So Just think about what is really going on for a second? 
Look at the division these religions created...The Catholic Church is obviously worshipping the Sun, yet King James was obviously a Freemason.  No doubt the whole point of separating was planned thing in order to keep people from the truth.  There are so many people who love the KJV today and hate the Catholics and Vice Versa. I mean what a great way to keep people divided and still basically believe in the same idea without even realizing it. 
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Amtrak Crash=404(Jewish)
KJV came out 404 years ago..almost 405.
There are 404 verses in revelation  so we are getting real close to the end of the 404 years too. 
When Steve Kerr returned to the Warriors they won giving them a 40-4 record even. 
Philadelphia comes from the book of Revelation. 
Philadelphia Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish) 

Pope Francis 1,189th day as Pope comes 44 days(end date) after the 405th anniversary of the KJV.  Remember in Mark Twain's last writing.. The Mysterious Stranger  Satan's name is 44. 
Mysterious Stranger=266
9/23 the 266th day
Pope Francis the 266th Pope.
Philadelphia Amtrak Derailment=266, 131(107) 
His 1,189th day is also 14/6.  
Palmetto Amtrak=166   166th day is 14/6 this year. 
Notice 1 month 13 days as well.  
Three Hundred Forty One=113 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113
Steph Curry Wears # 30 113 is the 30th prime number. 

341 is also 143 mirrored. 
143 has been a big number this year especially connected to Earthquakes. 
143rd day this year is 5/22. 
522 weeks after Cheney shot his lawyer friend. 
The Joplin Missouri tornado happened on 5/22 and went over I-44.
Earlier this year we had Braden Joplin a Ben Carson Staffer die, a whole lot to the story but it comes down to Johnny Carson's last episode being on 5/22 19 years before Joplin Mo tornado. 
David Blatt fired after 143 games coaching Cavs and his Bday of 5/22.  Fired on 1/22 122 days before his Bday. 

Train also locomotive # 627. Weird I saw this a few post back and  I had no idea what 627 meant. I still really don't but interesting we got this article yesterday....

Obama just spoke out about Donald Trumps Nuclear comments and Cnn showed us it was at 6:27. 

So Anyway in the past few months in sports championships it has all involved 1985.   The KC Royals won the World Series and they also won in 1985 on Oct 27th.  The same day Back to the Future Ends. Marty Mcfly even has KC Daylighters and KC on the Grill of his Toyota. The World Series this year began on Oct 27th which was also Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. Then the Superbowl was all about the 1985 Bears. The Panthers had the same record as them and what not...In Back to the Future opening scene Doc Brown even has a Bronco's clock.  Now we have Villanova making the NCAA Championship Game who last won in 1985. 

1985 was an interesting year.  The top scorer in the Tourney was Chris Mullin who is known mostly for being a Golden State Warrior.  Also the MOP was Ed Pinckney of Villanova. 

Of Course Pinckney would play for the 76ers in the 95-96 season the year the Bulls were 72-10.  Pinckney a name also important to the 99 stuff I will mention later. 
Villanova from Philadelphia too. Next to Where Kobe Bryant went to High School. 
Another thing that sticks out with the 1985 Villanova team is they beat the Georgetown Hoyas.  
It was Patrick Ewing's last season with Georgetown. 

Ewing and Allen Iverson are the only people from Georgetown to ever be selected number 1 overall in the NBA Draft. Notice Ewing is an Associate coach for the Charlotte Hornets.. The team Michael Jordan Owns.    The 2016 NCAA Championship is Villanova Vs UNC the team Michael Jordan played for in College, Also Funny that Villanova is right next to where Kobe Bryant played before the NBA. Almost like a Kobe Vs Jordan Game. 
Crazy I've been following Michael Jordan since 2015 all star week. Space Jam and the Love theme were why I was able to predict the Warriors winning the Finals last year.  
Kevin Love of the Cavs wore # 0 like the Monstars on Space Jam. Warriors one of the few teams in the Playoffs with a # 23(like Jordan) but had no one on team wearing # 0.  
Kevin Love went to UCLA, Russell Westbrook went to UCLA, Zach Lavine went to UCLA, he was a Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf has Nebraska Cornhusker stuff in the background but doesn't take place there or set in Nebraska at all.   Remember how Nebraska Cornhuskers got a bowl game even with a terrible record and they played UCLA in 2015 in the Foster Farms Bowl that took place at Levi's Stadium(Superbowl) in San Francisco? 

I've also been saying for almost a year now how almost everything is coded back to Philadelphia.  
The capital of Jordan the Country was Philadelphia until the year 106 AD and then it was later destroyed by Earthquakes. 
The Philadelphia Trainwreck of last year was Engine # 601 and was going 106 mph.   10/6 Gregorian is 9/23 Julian.  

Tony Bennett Collapsed against Hampton.  
Hampton University is in Hampton, Virginia. 

Allen Iverson is from Hampton, Virginia. 
The 76ers will have a good chance of having the # 1 pick in the draft again this year.  
Doug Collins is the the only other 1st overall pick the 76ers ever had. He was born in 1951 and was on the 1972 Olympic Team that lost to the Soviets 51-50. I also showed a video of him before the First game of the Season talking about the NBA being a Fraternity and a Brotherhood and what not. 

So I haven't completely figured out the English Civil War theme, and even applying it to who is winning but I'm on the right track. Yes that is a train joke. 
So Tony Bennett the Virginia Cavalier Coach Collapses against the Hampton, Virginia team.   
I almost forgot a big piece of the 107 coding. 
So King Charles=107
King James II=107  But..

On January 15th or 15/1  we had the death of Grizzly Adams actor.
I made a post/video on how it connects to Happy Gilmore/Philadelphia/Earthquakes. 

Notice how it's 2 months 19 days before 4/3 and 79 days. 
I keep mentioning 219 in regards to the Golden State Warriors.
Back to Back Championships=219
Pope Francis also turned 79 on 12/17/16. 
I can't help bu think of Chester Arthur too. He was the 21st president who replaced James Garfield. Garfield was shot at a Train Station on 7/2/1881 and died on 9/19/1881  so 79 days after being shot.  
Chester Arthur=65=Philadelphia
Seven Nine=107, 44
Earthquake=107, 44
Seventy Nine=152
Edward Pinckney=152(MOP of 1985 Villanova Win)
Thirty Six=152 (When Tony Bennett Collapsed, he came back in the 2nd half and his team won 81-45  so by 36) 
Easter Sunday=152
Let the Games Begin=152
Book of Mormon=152
Gregorian Calendar=152
Power of Love=152
Trump Barry=152 (Trumps Judge sisters name)
Moral of the Story in the post I mention how I always thought when Shooter Mcgavin and the Ref guy mention Grizzly Adams having a Beard was weird.  Shooter says he is playing for Chubbs death to piss Happy off.  The whole point is that Chubbs is played by Carl "Weathers" who is also Apollo Creed on Rocky(Philadelphia).   We even had the Death of Tony Burton who played "Duke" Evers on Rocky and was Apollo/Rocky's trainer. Died on 2/26/16. Patty Duke died too...Duke means "Male Leader" Remember the Democratic National Convention is in July in Philadelphia, so could be a time to watch for a political assassination in Philadelphia. 

Apollo Creed died on 8+31+19+85=143
It was exactly 99 years before the Worst ever East Coast Earthquake on 8+31+18+86=143
This Earthquake was also 58 years 5 days before the next worse East Coast Earthquake which was a 5.8 magnitude in 1944.  Then in 2011 there was a 5.8 Mineral Virginia Earthquake that tied it. 
The Study of Seismology goes back to 585 BC in Thales
Richter Scale=58
Charles Richter dies age 85 in 1985
The Big One=85

Happy learns to putt on the Earthquake golf Course 131 minutes into the movie. 
One Hundred Thirty one=107
The Building that falls looks a lot like the 58 story Comcast Center in Philadelphia. 
So anyway we have Virginia Cavaliers coach Collapse, but Happy Gilmores Girlfriend in this movie is Virginia Venit. VV=44=Earthquake. 
She's played by "Julie Bowen"=44
Philadelphia the Capital of Jordan destroyed by Earthquakes....
I Also mentioned Apollo Creed dying 99 years after the Worst East Coast Earthquake. 
Adam Sandler born on 9/9
Queen Eliz II became longest reigning monarch ever on 9/9/15. 
Meet me at the 9th green at 9 in the film. 
I made a bunch of posts about presidential assassinations and how it connects 99 and 44. 

Obama even sings Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinckney's Funeral 9 months 9 days(End Date) before 4/3.  He's the 43rd person to be president. It was 9 days after 9 people were shot. First President to die in office was the 9th president. Obama would be the 9th president to die in office also 9 presidents after JFK. 

So this train derailment comes 1 day after Villanova defeats Oklahoma by 44 and OK only scores 51 points. 

Remember on the 44th day of the year Oklahoma had a 5.1 Earthquake? 2+13+20+16=51
That Earthquake was 51 days(End Date) before the Train Derailment. 
Remember the Roanoke shooting in Virginia as well? 

So Just yet another connection involving Virginia and Philadelphia. 

Also the original CNN Article showed us this Tweet.  8:12 am 
43 favorites on 43.   176 Retweets. 
Back to the Future=176
November Thirteenth Two Thousand Fifteen=176(Paris)
Hampton Virginia=176
Also I'll leave a link to my video about the 8/12 12/8 date. 
William Penn=128 (Founded Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. He was a Cavalier and got the Land from Charles II) 
Pennsylvania became a state on 12+12+17+87=128   
Chester Pennsylvania is the original landing point of William Penn in America.  He also aquired the land from Charles II on 3/4/1681.  So interesting 3/4 or 4/3. 

August 12th significant day Possible WWIII

I also just talked about the Cavs scoring 120 points on the Kings/Lakers.  CNN gives us this video of 1:20. 
One Hundred Twenty=80
King Charles III=80
Moses died age 120  Just reminds me that there was an Earthquake just before Moses went to the top of Mt. Sinai. 
Last years Philadephia Trainwreck there was also a big Aftershock of the Nepal Earthquake. The one that killed 9,000 and injured 23,000.  
Nepal Earthquake=65=Philadelphia

There were also 2 other Amtrak derailments that day. This one in Illinois at 3:04 on 4/3 or 3/4. 
Somonauk Illinois=208
Philadelphia Earthquake=109, 208
Southern California=208
The Great Depression=208
English Reformation=208

The other in Bucks County, PA.  Notice the time on this video.  1:47 is 107 seconds. 
Bucks County Pennsylvania=306  
306th prime is 2017. 

Palmetto Train Line also 829 miles long. 
829 is the 145th prime. 
Chicago Illionis=145 
20 days ago we got the Kansas Amtrak Derailment going to Chicago. I can't help but think of the children's song too. 
Engine Engine Number Nine=223  Going down Chicago Line, If the Train Falls off the track do you want your money back. 

I just saw the new Divergent movie called Allegiant. 
The whole movie is about a Civil War that's going to happen in Chicago which is being controlled by an Elite person who most people of Chicago do not know.  He is responsible for the unrest and not fixing it.  So the main characters go to try and stop the War and Save Chicago.    It's just so fitting to what's been  happening to the world for years. 

In regards to sports, last night in the Warrior defeat over Portland they told us Curry is averaging 34.1 minutes a game. 

So who knows, I'll pry add a bit more once I get my notes I left at work. 


  1. Great work, as always. I really appreciate it.

  2. Good stuff! I like the 99 connections dealing with Happy Gilmore. We have been working on decoding the Master's tournament and 99 relates to the Green Jacket.
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  3. Amazing work brother, you're a Monstar! We both wrote about Happy Gilmore, ha nice synchronicity. Did you know his hockey team is the Warriors? Yellow jersey and all.

  4. lol I didn't notice that at all. I just looked at it, hilarious. It's also # 18 and he wears the # 18 Boston Bruins Jersey for a good portion of the movie as well. Eighteen=73, 46 Happy Gilmore=73, 145 Going for the 73 wins. Chicago=46 Chicago Illionis=145 Last night in the Warriors loss to the Twolves they showed the sports leagues teams with the best regular season record ever. In hockey of course it was the Boston Bruins I think 1939 team?