Saturday, April 2, 2016

White House Vs Trump headline on CNN April 2nd 2016 116 223 626

This is Cnn's headline article right now. April 2nd 2016. 

White House Vs Trump=262

The White House goes nuclear on Donald Trump:An Evolution=223, 601
110th prime is 601.  110 a number often associated with big events. Twin Towers were 110 stories.  
Osama Bin Laden=110

Video is 1:58
One hundred Fifty Eight=223

Also just want to point out today is "April Second"=116
116 has been around a lot lately. Especially in regards to Obama/Trump and the Judge theme. 
Make America Great Again=163, 91
Obama Assassinated=163
Barack Hussein Obama=163
Obama Assassinated=163
June 11th(11/6 or 6/11) is the 163rd day this year. 
Nuclear Security Summit=91  

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