Friday, April 15, 2016

South Park Episode: Overlogging 923 219 Obama Pope Francis

As I was waiting for the Lakers and Warriors game the other night. Southpark just so happened to be on. 
It was this Episode called Overlogging. 
It's the 173rd episode.
173rd Prime is 1031

They even put a 173 in the background. 
It's about the Internet going out and they go to Californee to find more. 

The 219 I keep talking about. 
California has identical Gematria. 

When they reach Californee they have to get tickets in order to use the internet for 40 seconds. Shelly gets 923 and makes Stan Switch her so She is 851 and he is 923. 
Just Interesting ticket numbers if they are supposedly "Random". 
Eight Hundred Fifty One=223
Nine Hundred Twenty Three=279

This episode came out 279 days before Obama became the president. 

Also 7 years 5 months 7 days before 9/23/15. 
Obama the 57th term president. 
I also just started talking about the significance of 134 recently.  
134th prime is 757. 
So who knows just felt like posting it. Pretty amazing how it's on when I start putting the pieces together of 134 431 stuff. 

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