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Simpsons Episode Homer Kills Prince/Clooney/Armstrong Moon theme What's Youtube telling me?

The 424th episode of The Simpsons has some interesting pieces to the puzzle.  This episode is broken down into 3 separate stories.
The 1st is about a Robot Takeover the 2nd about Homer Killing Celebrities(Prince) and 3rd about Millhouse bringing the Great Pumpkin to Life.  

Treehouse of  Horror XIX=124
One Hundred Twenty Four=104
One Hundred Four=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168  
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Prince dies on Queen's 90th bday. 
Treehouse of Horror Nineteen=144 (A number around Death)
Prince dies age 57 on the 112th day. 
This episode came out on 11/2. 
Episode 424..Four Hundred Twenty Four=112
Lebron shot 9 of 19 on 11/2 this year against the 76ers. 
Cavs won 107-100=207
Two Hundred Seven=197
King Charles=107

The 1st part starts out with Homer going to Vote. The machine is rigged to only vote for McCain. Just interesting with the upcoming election this year. 

Also when Homer calls out that it's rigged the Machine sucks him in it. He says this doesn't happen in America,  well maybe OHIO. Just stand outs cause the Cavs from Ohio also the Republican National Convention is in Cleveland, Ohio this year at Quicken Loans Arena even. 

Anyway later in this part there is a Robot Takeover. 
This reminds me of Olivia Munn's comment at the 88th Academy Awards. 
Academy Awards=118

11/2 to 2/28(Adademy Awards) is 118 days. 
Terminator Two Judgement Day=113
Election Day=113  (Forgot to take a pic but earlier in the episode they show this). 

So the 2nd part is where Homer Kills Prince.  It all starts because Homer Kills Krusty the Clown and then gets hired to be a Celebrity Killer.  They only show him killing George Clooney, Prince, and Neil Armstrong. 

The reason it's interesting is because I just mentioned George Clooney and the Importance of the movie Money Monster that is coming out on 5/13(134th day).  Also because when I put my Prince Video out Youtube Copyright struck an old video minutes later and they wanted me to see 165.  I went through and looked at my 165's I have documented and one of them was "Neil Armstrong"=165. 
The Copyrighted video was about "22 Jumpstreet"
Twenty Two=165  
I put the video out 165 days after the movie came out and so on. 
22 Jumpstreet Stars  Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. I noticed George Clooney's newest movie also has Tatum and Hill. It's called "Hail Caesar".  Interesting in regards to all the 44 we have been mentioning.   
Julius Caesar died in 44 BC. 
Augustus started the Roman Empire after avenging Caesar's death. Augustus was born on 9/23  63BC. 
George Timothy Clooney=112
Baird Whitlock=135(His character's name)
Money Monster comes out on 13/5 or 5/13(134th day)
One Hundred Thirty Five=115
One Hundred Thirty Four=115 
4/24 was the 115th day of the year. 
4/24 was the day Curry hurt his knee. 
Wardell Stephen Curry II=112
Remember Prince was at the Warriors game on 3/3. 

A span of 49 days before his death. Also 1 month 18 days. 
4/9 was the 165th day of the NBA Season. 
The 49th Pope banned Lupercalia celebrations.
Caesar came to power in 49BC. 
In regards to Prince dying on Eliz II's bday. 
Eliz's II sister died exactly 49 days before their mother. They were both buried on 4/9 2002. 
1649 was when King Charles I was executed. 
Hail Caesar came out on 2/5/2016 too. Which is 118 days before the NBA Finals begin. Also Lebron was 9 of 23 on this day. 
This film is set in 1951, which is all about Cleveland among other things including the Pope/Royalty/Election. 

Another reason Clooney and Armstrong stand out so much is that 
Prince died age 57 on a Full Moon. 
Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the Moon. 
Not necessarily about the moon but Clooney was in "Gravity". 
Clooney in all kinds of interesting movies. Even produced "PU=239".  Which is Plutonium 239. 
He's in  Fantastic Mr. Fox as well which I talked about a while back as it is all about Lupercalia the wolf festival.  Think about how Werewolves come out on a Full moon and what not. The movie even came out exactly 6 years before the Paris attacks on 11/13/09. 
Also interesting the Warriors and Steph Curry are connected and they are playing Houston. Where Flight Control is.  "Houston we have a problem" and what not. 
It became Johnson Space Center on 2/19/1973.  So more 219..
Apollo Eleven=134 (Armstrong) 
Apollo 11 also was from 1969.  A lot of 69's lately. 
Also I mentioned how Prince's death was connected to Vanity's death. Vanity was in the movie Action Jackson with Carl Weathers(Apollo Creed).  I need to watch that movie, there's a big connection to Carl Weathers characters this year in regards to Philadelphia.  
Armstrong died 3 years 9 months 23 days after The Simpsons episode. 
On The Simpsons episode Armstrong dies because of a Golf Club. 
Golf Club=78
That episode came out when he was 78 years old. 
Golf Club=308(Jewish)
Stephen=308 (Jewish)

The moon landing also happened 46 years 9 months 23 days before the film Money Monster is released on the 134th day. 
Moon Landing=118

On the episode all the Celebrities get mad and come back to Earth for Revenge.  Rip Taylor punches this guy and he's says, "Rip Taylor you aren't even dead". Then he says someone better check his apartment. 

Rip Taylor=134 

At the very End Homer dies and goes to Heaven. Then they portray Abe Lincoln as being Gay. 
Gay Lincoln=112
George Timothy Clooney=112
Clooney is also Batman in  Batman and Robin. 
Prince wrote the Soundtrack for the original Batman in 1989. 
Need to rewatch that film as well. 

The Final Part of the Episode I didn't pay that much attention to, but there didn't s
eem to be anything that stood out much. 

Some Extra thoughts and Info....

Steph Curry's 1st ever NBA Game was on 10/28/09.  It was against Houston and they lost 107-108=215.  He got hurt on 4/24 with a total score of 215. 
Curry shot 9 of 19 on 1/30 against 76ers.  
9/19 to 1/30 is 134 days(End Date)
The Warriors became 44-4 on 1/31 playing the Knicks. 
1/31 to 6/13 is 134 days. 

4/21 to 5/13 is 22 days.
22 Jumpstreet is why 22 is significant. 

Today is also the 118th day of the year.  
Clooney's Bday is is on 5/6. 
Maestro pointed out the tribute to Prince George and I've been mentioning there's something special to Charlotte as well. 
King George III was married to Queen Charlotte. 
Prince supposedly up for 154 hours before dying. 
Just trying to figure this puzzle out of why Youtube showed me the 165. I know it's connected to Prince as it was right after I posted my Prince Video. The other times Youtube has shown me a date or number has been connected to 919, so I feel like they are important together. 
City of Light=134(Paris)
Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award=134
San Bernardino=134
Eighty Four=134
Thirty One=134
Steve Ballmer=134 (Clippers owner)
Jack Nicholson=134 (Lakers/Joker/More)
Luke Walton=134 (Warriors Coach for 43 games)
Transgendered=134 (Bathroom Law)
Dave Henderson=134 (died age 57, 57 days after World Series=57)
King Charles III=134
Prime Number=134 
134th prime is 757.  
March Eleventh=134  (Warriors/Portland 222 stuff)
Jeffrey Teague=134
Mic Turned Off=134 (Kanye)

Simpsons also debuted on Pope Francis' 53rd bday.     

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