Saturday, April 16, 2016

Edward Snowden Vladimir Putin Gematria

I have a friend who has been somewhat "Awake" for years. He just will not get out of the Alex Jones type phase though. He always shares stuff like this on Facebook. I just don't get it, I often wonder when he will actually see the bigger picture. Just can't convince him no matter what. 
Spirit Science=149
Edward Snowden=149

Anyway the only reason I'm posting this is because in this article it talks about how the Elite are getting worried and Putin has several aces up his sleeve. I mean come on, Putin is part of the Elite. He's just playing his role in World Order that already exists. 
Vladimir Putin=168, 69, 87
Cleveland Cavaliers=168, 69, 87 
Queen Elizabeth II=168, 87 

And think about all the North Carolina stuff lately.  Snowden from Elizabeth City, North Carolina.  He will also turn 33 years old the same day Prince William turns 34. 
Edward Joseph Snowden=222
So I just wonder if some big news will be coming up in the future in regards to Russia and Snowden. 

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  1. Great read. Look on the cover of Economist 2016 the year upcoming magazine. Putin is in there pocket of course. But more important is look at who is not on cover. Trump!! Very telling people. Hes is either going bye bye or something else but he sure isnt going to be president.