Monday, April 25, 2016

3 Federal Agents Shot at Kansas Motel, Steph Curry Injury 219 173 65

Three Federal Agents=173

Orlando J Collins=173, 65

Colleen Stuart=165 
April Twenty Fourth Two Thousand Sixteen=165 
It wasn't reported until today although it happened last night on 4/23. 

Country Club Motel=219

They show us the Police Car 290. 
Money Monster=290(Jewish) 
When Youtube agents on my video in early March they did it 290 days after Kerrie Orozco died on my video on her. Showing me the 9/19 and the Death of Nancy Reagan. 
Two Hundred Ninety=219

Now this is interesting. Steph Curry gets hurt tonight and who knows if he is out for good. We'll find out tomorrow. 
I've been mentioning these 219's with the Warriors and Back to Back Championships but who knows? Maybe this 219 has some other significance I'm missing. Just as "Back to Back"=69  like Cleveland Cavaliers=69  so it's somewhat deceiving. But yeah we will see what they say about Curry. 
Steph Curry Tears ACL=232 
Plus we had the Amtrak Derailment in Kansas on Curry's 28th Birthday on 3/14. (Pi day)  
The shooter in this story is 28 years old too. 
Orlando J Collins=173
King Charles=107
One Hundred Seven=173
Prince William's bday on the 173rd day this year. 
Knights Templar=173(Paris Attacks)
Miss Universe=173(80 stuff)
King Charles III=80

Remember the Warriors 1st loss of the season came on 12/12 to the Bucks but it was 173 days before the NBA Finals. Also I mentioned the Connections to Orlando Magic/Bulls/Warriors previously.    Jason Richardson a former Warrior and Magic Player retired on 9/23/15. He is one of only 4 people to win the Slam Dunk Contest Back to Back times like Zach Lavine did this year. 
Richardson's last season even with the Philadelphia 76ers. 

12/12 also 1 month 15 days into the season. 
2/19 was the 115th day of the season. 
Today Curry got hurt on the 115th day of the year. 
One Hundred Fifteen=173
He previously got hurt on the 172nd day of the NBA Season.
Stephen Curry=172 

I love how the Warriors make the Score 56-56 with 4.4 left. 
Warriors have all the 44 connections. 
44th season in Golden State
Kerr came back on 44th game and so on(Previous posts)
Today even 4+24+16=44
Stephen Curry=64
Right before Curry injures his knee, Iguodala ties the game at 56 and falls down on the floor too.
Andre Iguodala=112
Wardell Stephen Curry II=112
Chicago Bulls=112
Steph Curry Sprained Knee=112 
The 112th prime is 613. 
6/13 is the 165th day this year.   
April Twenty Fourth Two Thousand Sixteen=165
Isn't that something? 
56 associated with Bad things as well. Also connected to Philadelphia. 
Interesting though they still won scoring 121 points tonight. 
Also went up 3-1.  Which I've noticed 31 is a good thing. 
Total Score was 215   121+94
Two Hundred Fifteen=197  (The Cavs/Prince Charles #)

Notice also it says "Motel Engulfed in Flames". 
Motel Engulfed in Flames=218, 92
Two Hundred Nineteen=218, 92
Warriors win Back to Back=92
If Curry is out for good, this code around the Warriors has to be for something else.  Maybe them winning Back to Back is bad cause of the 92 or something? 

April Twenty Third=222


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  2. Berg can you cover this?

  3. Video showed on espn of Curry, Draymond Green said " He was standing there crying"

    "he was standing there crying" in the English Reduction system equals 123

    Save"he was standing there crying" in the English Sumerian system equals 1656

    Save"he was standing there crying" in the English Ordinal system equals 276

    Save"he was standing there crying" in the English Gematria system equals 2202

    He Was Standing There Crying in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2032

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  5. Nice I think that video of Draymond saying that was 1:04 long? 2/19 is 104 days to Finals. Back to Back Championships=219 One Hundred Four=168=Cleveland Cavaliers. I'll try and look more into that Simpsons Prince thing too. Simpsons debuted on Pope Francis' 53rd Bday 12/17/89. Simpsons=124 Treehouse Horror XIX=124 XIX=57 Like Prince's age. XIX is 19 in Roman Numerals. Treehouse of Horror Nineteen=144. Also the episode came out on 11/2 and is 424 episode. I'm wondering if there's some special connection as Lebron shot 9 of 19 twice now this season 1st on 11/2 and 2nd on 4/24.