Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beyonce Teases Lemonade on HBO

Beyonce Releases a teaser video #Lemonade with the date 4/23. 
Beyonce=69, 33
Lemonade=69, 33

Last time anything big went out with Beyonce was the Superbowl and her Formation stuff. They mention Formation in this article. Look though today is 69 days after the Superbowl. 

Lemonade on HBO=60


I Always try and keep up on the Beyonce stories as she is connected to a lot of events.  
Beyonce Knowles=168
Taylor Swift=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

I talked about the Kanye West connections to the Queen/Paris Attacks/Vma's/Aids/Gay Marriage in which Beyonce is connected to.  
Kanye West=51
Taylor Swift=51
Cleveland Cavs=51
Lebron James=51 

The point of the Article is because Beyonce put this little video short up #Lemonade and says "What am I gonna do love, what am I going to do?" with the date 4/23. 
What am I gonna do love=2016(Jewish) 
What am I gonna do love, what am I going to do=164
This video was released on 16/4(April 16th)

Interesting too about 4/23. 
April Twenty Third=222, 87
4/23 also the 114th day of the year. 
Lebron James=42, 51, 114
He shot 9 of 23 on 11/4. 
87 is connected to last years Amtrak Derailment and Pope Francis. 
I'm not Quite Sure what the word is behind her in the video but it looks like CEUCH to me? or maybe CEIRH? 
CEUCH=219(Jewish) 8/7 is the 219th day. The Philadelphia Trainwreck last year was 87 days before 8/7. 
CEIRH=34, 43
Beyonce is 34 years old. 
Maybe it's neither of them though. 

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  1. To me the tag just looks like Couch =264. The 264th day of the year is 9/20 this year leaving 102. Not sure how that connects exactly but I watched Self/Less last night and there's a scene where the guy repeats about 5 times that his birthday is September 20th.

    Also, Regicide =51/60.