Sunday, April 24, 2016

Death of Patton Oswalt's Wife same day Prince dies 176, 222,

Prince died yesterday, but Patton Oswalt's wife died as well. 
Patton Peter Oswalt=69
Michelle McNamara=131, 68
Prince Charles=131, 68 
She was famous for being a "True Crime" writer. 
True Crime=112, 512(Jewish)  Philadelphia Train Wreck on 5/12.
She dies on 4/21  the 112th day of the year. 
Also interesting she dies age 46.  Prince's death was connected to the death of "Vanity"=46. 

They also make sure to tell us she got her Masters Degree in Minnesota. Prince is from Minnesota. 
Oswalt largely known for being on the King of Queen's. How interesting his wife dies on Queen Elizabeth's Birthday and same day Prince dies. 
Patton Oswalt=176
The King Of Queens=176

In light of my Youtube video getting the Copyright strike it's pretty amazing this guy was in 22 Jumpstreet as well. 

Wow more 222. 
This is the unedited version of his 1st comedy album called "Feeling Kinda Patton"=176

Check out Rita511 on Youtube. She mentions 222 a lot and the connections to Time.   Notice Oswalt's first and last Comedy Albums.  222 and Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time. 

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