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Cavs defeat Pistons Kanye West 51 Philadelphia 9/23

Cavs defeat Detroit 4/17/16
Today is 4+17+20+16=57
I just talked about 57 in regards to Jordan Mcrae who was the leading scorer in Cavs loss to Detroit the Final game of the Regular Season. 
The Cavs lost keeping 57 wins on the regular season. 
Mcrae set a record on 1/26 for most points scored in a D-League game. He was a Delaware 87er(76ers D league team). He set the record but his team lost to the Canton Charge(Cleveland D League)
The record was broke 57 days later by Russ Smith another 87er who also lost the night he set the record to the Canton Charge. 

Lot's of Coding to Philadelphia and the 923 in these games. 
Today Detroit even finishes with 101 points. 
Fifty Seven=131
Interesting too the total score 101+106=207
Two Hundred Seven=197
Cleveland Cavaliers win Two thousand Sixteen NBA Finals=197
Nine Hundred Twenty Three Good for Cavaliers=197
Nine Hundred Twenty Three Good for Cleveland=194
Nine Hundred Twenty Three Bad for Warriors=194
Philadelphia 76ers first win of the season this year was against the Lakers with a total score of 194. 103-91. 
9/23 to 1/4=103 days.  Cleveland became 23-9 on 1/4. 
One hundred three=83   
23rd prime is 83  like Lebron's number. 
Nancy Reagan=103(Warriors lost to Lakers on her death) but connected to the 9/19.(Cuba, Pope, Prez Garfield, Queen Eliz)
The game also on 12/1   
76ers became 1-18. 
Warriors beat Cavs on 1/18 by 34 points  34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23.  If Lebron wins the Finals he will be 3-4 in NBA Finals overall. It was also the 83rd day of the season.  
But I've also mentioned how 83 days is 2 months 22 days which is connected to the Warriors. I'm starting to wonder if the 222 is actually coded to the Warriors to lose to the Cavs? The Kansas Amtrak wreck left California going to Chicago.  Kansas the 34th state. 
Even the Back to Back stuff I keep mentioning with the Warriors about 219.   They lost to Portland on 2/19 and Lilliard scored 51 points on them. So maybe it's saying they aren't going to win the Back to Back Championships because they lost? There really is a lot to this.  
I'm not changing my mind as of yet, although it starting to seem as if I should. We will see how this Curry fake injury plays out.
 It's amazing how they are both so connected. Whether I'm right or wrong, you can't deny how all of the Gematria syncs up for both teams.    
"Cleveland Cavaliers break the Cleveland Curse Two Thousand Sixteen"=233     233 the 51st prime. 
Wow just keep discovering more and more that goes against my thoughts.... I really should change to Cavs because every sports team that has won recently has been coded to the Pope, but it screws me up because the loser has seemed to be coded to the Royal Family just like the Cavs. Yet they are connected to Both this year. 

Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years. 
Lebron James=51 
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
In Regard to all the Philadelphia/Pope Francis stuff. I find it interesting that Detroit has a player named Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. 

Tonight's game was even his 239th NBA Game of his career. 
He was Detroit's lead scorer. 

When he got his 10th point the announcers say how it looked like the last shot by Villanova. The team from Philadelphia that just wont the College Tournament. 
Cavaliers also beat the 76ers this year on 11/2. The day after the 111th World Series where the power went out at 9:19 and came back on at 9:23. 
Lebron shot 9 of 19 in this game. Then next game was his 9 of 23. 
They beat 76ers 107-100=207  Just like tonight's game. 
Next time they played Cavs won 108-102
Golden State Warriors=108
Next time Cavs won 108-86=194
Last time was on 1/10 or 10/1 Cavs won 95-85.  It was 144 days 
before Finals. 

Irving's first game this season was even against Philadelphia on 12/20.  He shot 5 of 12.  The Philadelphia Amtrak Derailment was on 5/12/15. 

haha wow 222 days. 

So anyway in this game tonight when the score is 50-50 Lebron goes to complain about a foul called on him. They zoom the camera in on them talking of course 9 23. 

He fouled Marcus Morris. After he scores the 51st point and 101st point of the game. Philadelphia=101  the announcers says that his hometown is Philadelphia. Actually they say "Morris Brothers" were born in Philadelphia. 
Morris Brothers=197

In light of the Kansas Trainwreck connections, he also went to college at Kansas. Born in 1989. Even 10.1 career points avg. 

So Lebron makes the score 83-83 with 9:32 left, but they say they basket didn't count.  932  239. 

The next play he makes it 83-83 with 9:23 left. Then a timeout gets called. 
A few people pointed out that the total score is 166. 
Remember the 166th day this year is June 14th. 
Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope, Also Donald Trumps 70th Birthday. This is the 70th NBA season. 
14/6  or 146  a number also connected to Philadelphia. 
Allen Iverson=146
Larry Brown=146  much more. 

Anyway what they pointed out was the School Shooting in Middleton, Ohio on 2/29. 
Middleton Ohio=166
Cavaliers from Ohio and what not. 
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles in the English Civil War. 
If Elizabeth II dies the new king will be King Charles III, much more to this in my previous posts just want to show the connection. Anway if Prince/King Charles III dies the new King will be Prince William who is married to Kate Middleton. 

She turned 34 years old 51 days before that shooting. How Ironic.
The shooter was also "James Hancock" which just reminds me of John Hancock and the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia. 
James Hancock=103

Once again in this game they showed the 923. Kyrie Irving got fouled and they showed he was 9 of 23. 97-92.  He missed the first free throw but made the second making it 98-92.  
Kyrie Andrew Irving=104
One Hundred Four=168=Cleveland Cavaliers

One of the big things I've wondered about though is that it the 9/23 is as important as the 9/19 this year? 9/19 was when the Pope went to Cuba, and then this year Obama went to Cuba so I wonder if shooting 9 of 19 has more importance this year? 

Curry was 9 of 19 twice this year. 
The first time against Philadelphia and 2nd time against Boston. 
Boston the Team who lost Back to Back Championships to the Lakers in 1985. 
Notice Curry scored 23 against Philly possible a Lebron Tribute? 
Also 29 against Boston.  Ohio=29
April Fools=51 
Interesting too they lost with 106 points.  Both the Spurs and the Cavs won today with 106 points. 

Lebron was only 9 of 19  one game this season on 11/2 against 76ers. 

Kevin Love was 9 of 19 one time this year. 1/29 against Detroit. 
Interesting 114=Lebron James  They just won Game 1 against Detroit with 106. 

Shumpert does it against the Twolves. Kevin Loves former team. Shumpert also traded to Cavs and Dion Waiters sent to OKC. Waiters Bro just sacrificed in Philadelphia. 
9/19 (Leaves 103 days in year)
Lebrons 9/19 to Curry's 1st 9/19 a span of 89 days. (Both against Philly)
9/19 to 11/2 is 44 days (Lebrons 9/19)
9/19 to 1/30 is 133 days (Currys 9/19)
9/19 to 4/3 is 197 days (Chester Amtrak)

Gonna add more tomorrow hopefully but have to go to sleep. I got a lot to think about. 
I know Kanye West is coded to this as well. Especially with that new Taylor Swift Commercial they keep playing during these games. She's running on the Treadmill singing his Nike Diss about Yeezy jumping over Jumpman(Jordan's shoes). She's singing the Drake version, but she's connected to Kanye West so it makes sense. 

Drake's version came out 11/10/15.  
Kanye didn't release his version until New Years Eve. 
11/10 to 12/31 is 51 days. 

This Video even 1:01 long. 
Taylor Swift also has the album 1989. 
Queen Elizabeth II=168  is 89 years old. 
King James=89
It's also an Apple commercial. 

Kanye West=51 and also 1551(Jewish)
Taylor Swift=51, 168  
Beyonce Knowles=168
She falls off the treadmill though. 
Remember Pope Francis turned 15 years old in 1951. 
Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Kobe Bryant beat the Warriors in his 1551st game on 3/6. 
Plus Kanye sung the Queen/Freddie/Aids/Gay Band  song at Glastonbury last year. Saying Mama I just killed man, put a gun up to his head pulled the trigger now he's dead. It was on 6/27 but in America 6/27 in UK is 6/26. The day Gay Marriage legalized and day Obama sang Amazing Grace at Clementa Pinkcneys Funeral. 
He as there because Dave Grohl fell and broke his leg. September 23rd was the first day of FALL, Much more.. I know his mic being turned off at Coachella is connected as well I'm just too tired think about it at the moment. 
So peace I will look more tomorrow. 

I'm not exactly sure of the significance of this story we got about Kanye's Mic being turned off at Coachella. But Kanye is literally connected to so many things over the years. 
Coachella=60   A number we've been seeing again since Kobe's 60 point game.   1960 is 56 years ago. 
Kim Kardashian=56
Mic Turned off=134   
Been talking about the 134 in regards to Amtraks/Money Monster. 

The only highlighted word in this CNN Article is "Boos"=51
I've been following this Kanye West coding for a while now. He's connected to a lot of things including the Paris Attacks, and said he is going to run for president in 2020. Which he would be 44 years old.  Check out the Link below. There's just too much to retype and explain. 
Kanye West Playlist

Anyway shortly after the Paris attacks we got the Story of Kanye and Kim's new Baby. What it's name was going to be and what not. 

So the baby was born on 12/5/15.  In light of the recent Will Smith death story, it seems pretty interesting they named this kid "Saint". 

Especially when you go back and think about Kanye's statement that George Bush doesn't care about Black people during Hurricane Katrina.   This was on 9/2/2005. 
"George Bush Doesn't care about Black People"=152
Seventy Nine=152
Easter Sunday=152
Remember Taylor Swift even from Pennsylvania. 
Kanye Also was in the news for his Support of Bill Cosby a Philadelphia native. 

Will Smith even dies 4 months 4 days after Saint was born. 

We also had this story about Kanye being 53 million in debt. Notice he tweets about it on 2/13. The 44th day with 51 numerology. The day Antonin Scalia=51, 132 died.   He released his new Album "The Life of Pablo" on Valentines day supposedly cause he's broke. 

Then trying to get Zuckerberg to back his ideas. 
The Life of Pablo=69, 132
Mark Zuckerberg=69, 168
Taylor Swift=51, 168 
Queen Elizabeth II=168 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168 
Back to Back=69

Drake's Jumpman song remade by Kanye. Drake also has this song called "Back to Back". 

This song supposedly about the Back to Back Championships won by the Toronto Blue Jays specifically the 2nd one against PHILADELPHIA Phillies in 1993. 
Toronto Blue Jays=59=Pope Francis
Also the NBA All Star Week was hosted by Toronto this year. Russell Westbrook won Back to Back MVP and Zach Lavine won Back to Back Slam Dunk Contests.   

The Phillies also reminds me of the Jonathan Papelbon getting in a fight in the Dugout with Bryce Harper.  Papelbon was traded from Phillies to Washington in 2015. They were playing the Phillies. The got in a fight on the 4th pitch when the score was 4 to 4.  Papelbon lost the game becoming 4-4 on the season.  It was 9/27. The last day Pope Francis was in Philadelphia. On 9/26 Pope Francis gave a speech on Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg Address Lectern starting at exactly 4:44pm. 

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