Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Death of Pearl Washington Amtrak, Ezeli, Cavs, Warriors

Yet another Syracuse related Death. 
Dwayne Alonzo "Pearl" Washington dies. 
He dies age 52. 
Dwayne Alonzo reminds me of 2 famous Miami Heat Players. 
Alonzo Mourning and Dwayne Wade. Pearl even finished his NBA Career with the Miami Heat in 1989. 

The 79 a big number this year. Also 193 is the 44th prime number. 

Syracuse New York=222
Today is 43 days before the NBA Finals. 
The Chester Amtrak was on 4/3. 
Pearl dies on the 111th day of the year 4/20. 
He dies of a "Brain Tumor"=131, 50 

His death also comes 132 days after the death of Dolph Schayes. A former Syracuse National.   

He got his nickname because of he resembled Earl the Pearl. Earl the Pearl of course from Philadelphia and born in 1944. 

They also give us this video of him making a buzzer beater against Boston College to win the game.  It was tied 73 to 73 and he won the game with a half court shot.  Interesting Boston College has colors that look a lot like Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey's.  
Pearl was # 31 though, which is interesting because Lebron just turned 31 years old.  
Warriors picked up Varejao 31 days after Blatt was fired and Kerr came back. He was picked up to replace # 31 Festus Ezeli who. Ezeli came back after missing 31 games.  He was also out for 69 days.  
Back to Back=69
Also notice above that game was on 1/21 1984
Earl the Pearl=121 

Anderson Varejao's first game as a Warrior was 11 games after Ezeli got hurt.   11th prime is 31.   Warriors got their 51st win that game against the Miami Heat.   Festus Ezeli also came back on 4/3 the day of the Chester Amtrak Derailment. 
Warriors got their 69th win on 4/3. 

Warriors even score 118 in the game vs the Heat.  The number I keep saying is bad for the Cavs as they lost to Warriors by 34 on 1/18. 34 days after Lebron was 9 of 23.   Heat even the only place Lebron has won a Title. 
Heat score 112.    Chicago Bulls=112. 

The video up above is even 34 seconds long. 

Syracuse even finished 23-9 that season.  44th out of 275 teams. 

The Cavs Detroit game is just about to get started as I'm posting this. They are talking about the death of Washington and they even mention how he had one of the best "Crossovers" ever.  
This special number I keep talking about.  
Money Monster comes out on the 134th day. 
Kansas Amtrak on 14/3
Chester Amtrak  341 passengers.
Tony Bennett collapsed with 34.1 seconds left. 
Much more but super connected. 

Even Says Syracuse retired his Jersey 3/2/1996. 
Go figure 1996 because this season all about the 95-96 Bulls. 

The 1996 Bulls got their 52nd win that day. 
He dies age 52. 

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