Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NBA Games on 4/24 4/25 Blackout Curry/Chris Paul Injuries

How ridiculous is this story? Steph Curry falls on a Wet Spot. Then they put an article out about Draymond's interview about the Houston Floods.  
The whole point the interviewer was getting at was Golden State was Raining 3's.  As they set a new playoff record for 21 made 3's in a game. 

Remember how the Halftime Score as 56-56 too. Curry got hurt right before Halftime. 

Notice how right before Curry gets hurt the clock stock at 4.4 because Iguodala makes the score 56-56?   Interesting he fell and stayed on the ground too. Also all the 44's around the Warriors. 
44th season in Golden State, Broke the 44 Home Game win streak of the Bulls, Kerr came back on the 44th game, They were chasing the 33 game win streak of the Lakers from 44 years ago when "Jerry West"=44 and wore # 44 on the team. 

I even saw this earlier.  If Curry makes a 3 in the 2 more playoff games he will tie Reggie Miller's record of 44 Straight Playoff games with a 3. 

Then MotieJunas falls just before Curry Falls right where he fell. Bringing back that Falling them from last summer.  September 23rd was the First day of Fall in 2015. 
Anyway first thing I notice is that Curry was guarding # 1 Ariza  MotieJunas wears # 20 and Curry #30   1+20+30=51
As for Iguodala falling too...
Andre Iguodala=112
Wardell Stephen Curry II=112
Chicago Bulls=112
The game was played on 4/24. 
Four Hundred Twenty Four=112 
112 reminds me a lot of November 4th too. 11/2. 

The reason 11/2 sticks out is because Lebron shot 9 of 19 against Philadelphia that day. He hasn't done it any other game except for the playoff game on 4/24. 

A span of 174 days. 
Right Knee Sprain=174 
Grade One MCL Sprain=174
Grade One=69=Cleveland Cavaliers=Back to Back
Also interesting that Curry had Back to Back Injuries..
Curry played only 18 minutes. 
Eighteen Minutes=174
One Hundred Seventy Four=107
King Charles=107=Earthquake
One Hundred Thirty One=107
So Curry will be Back in 2 weeks if they make it that far. I think they will, this is just part of the plot to get people off the Warriors bandwagon. Maybe they will just lose, but I'm thinking it's the other way. 
It was all about how the Warriors are gonna play the Clippers and what not too and tonight(4/25) Chris Paul broke his hand. 

This is how they reported it on the stat in the game. I just didn't take a pic.  
Notice it's 404 in Jewish. 
Pope Francis=404(Jewish)
Queen Camilla=404(Jewish)
Prince Charles=404(Jewish)

Chris Paul=44, 53, 107
King Charles=53, 107
Earthquake=44, 107 

It would be more fitting for the Warriors to play Portland to me anyway. Portland is the team who dropped  Varejao and Warriors picked him up  2/22. It was 3 days after being beat by Portland on 2/19 by 33 points.  
Back to Back Championships=219
Varejao wears # 18 and they played Portland 18 days after picking him up.  Curry got hurt after playing 18 minutes. 
I'm guessing if they do play Portland the first game will be on 5/1 as it is 51 days after 3/11. 3/11 is 2 months 22 days before the Finals,  2/22 was 3 months 11 days before the Finals. 

Also on 4/24 We got the Blackout in Memphis at the Griz vs Spurs game. 
Notice when the Power went out this banner stayed on.  
Sirius XM NBA Radio=79
It says it twice though. 
Sirius Xm NBA Radio, Sirius Xm NBA Radio=174 

Eighteen Minutes=174

Power went out at 10:02. 
Ten Minutes Two Seconds=79
Sirius Xm NBA Radio=79
Power went out 1:58 into the 2nd quarter. 
Sirius Xm NBA Radio, Sirius Xm NBA Radio=158
One Hundred Fifty Eight=223
Total Score when power was out  25-23=48
48th prime is 223. 

Remember the Green Screen they did in the Warriors Rockets game 1 too? 
Score was 90-68=158 

Also interesting when the Power went out in Memphis they had this stat of Jamychal GREEN on the screen.
Jamychal Green=122
He signed a rest of the year contract with Grizzlies 1 month 22 days prior to 4/24. 
Pope Francis=122
Golden State=122
San Antonio=122
Also I find it weird it was reported it went out with 10:02 yet obviously here it says 10:03. 
Again it shows 10:03. 
That would make it 1:57 into the 2nd. 
Also 117 seconds. 
County Wide Drop in Voltage=117

Even says play resumed at 1:57
One Hundred Fifty Seven=239, 104
239th year of United States 
2/19 is 104 days before the Finals. (Warriors)
One Hundred Four=168=Cleveland Cavaliers
It would also leave 34 minutes 3 seconds in the game. 
343rd prime is 2309. 
When Curry was hurt it was 56-56. 
Fifty Six=118
Twenty one Three point shots=118
1/18 was the day Warriors beat Cavs by 34 points.  34 Cavs games after Lebron was 9 of 23.  Lebron was also 9 of 23 on 2/5 which is 118 days before the Finals. 
If Lebron wins finals he will be 3-4 in Finals
If Lebron loses Finals he will be 2-5 in Finals. 

Spurs won Blackout game was 39 days before the Finals. 
Spurs=21,30, 39, 93  
Leonard has 21 points and they won by 21 points. 
Total Score 116 to 95=211  
A lot like 2/11 or 11/2.   
157th prime is 919 
Kawhi Leonard=58, 67, 121
Warriors=49, 58, 121 
Revelation=49, 67, 121 

Spurs also had 116 points and it was 39 days after Obama Nominated Merrick Garland. The Judges theme I mentioned in a previous post had a lot of 116 in it. 

Also 4/24 was the 115th day of the year. 
115 has not been good with the Warriors all season. 
They lost first game on 12/12 to Bucks 1 month 15 days into the season. 
Lost on 2/19  on the 115th day of the season. 

Warriors also beat New York on 1/31 with a identical score to the Spurs vs Griz on 4/24. 
Warriors got 73rd win against Grizzlies making them 73-9. 
131st prime is 739 
Also it was the game Warriors became 44-4. 

Reminds me a lot of this commercial they keep putting on during the games.  Wendy's 444. Funny I thought it was a Burger King Commercial and I looked up Burger King and a Steph Curry Commercial came up.  

Steph Curry on a Burger King Commercial as a kid. 
Burger King=112
Wardell Stephen Curry II=112
Talk about Manchurian athlete. 
Pope Francis also gave his speech with Abe Lincoln's Gettysburg address lectern at exactly 4:44. 
I'll have to go back and look but I know Curry made a significant shot in a game this season where they stopped the clock with 44.4 seconds left. 
Four Hundred Forty Four=1649(Jewish) The year King Charles I was executed. 
Interesting too ...
Golden State Warriors=90
Queen Elizabeth II just turned 90. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87

1/31 to Finals is 17 weeks 4 days too. 

Also pretty interesting Election has the Same Gematria as Memphis. 
There's been a lot of Kansas Stories lately and also the Kansas Amtrak Derailment. 

Espn even gave us this picture. 


  1. It's hard to fake injuries I saw a pic of Chris Paul's hand it looked broken. Anyways the Blazers have no chance vs the Warriors.

  2. Speaking of Steph Curry, commercials and wet spots.. There's a commercial out now for Britta the water filter I believe where steph curry is dribbling around and shooting and talking about "raining 3's" and water. How interesting that he gets hurt cus of a wet spot.