Saturday, April 16, 2016

Power Outage Warriors Rockets Game 1

Warriors Vs Rockets Game 1  froze up with 1:08 left in the 3rd quarter. 
It then went to Commercial due to Technical Difficulties. 
Golden State Warriors=108
Notice how they have 79 points right now as well? 
Interesting Houston=51 and had 57 points. 
The Cavs finished the regular season with 57 wins. 
Third Quarter=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
What would today be without a "Power Outage"=56, 146

Funny Before they come back to Jalen Rose and what not telling us the Technical Difficulties my TV tells us it's 73 degrees in Omaha today. 

They Finally bring the game back on at the beginning of the 4th quarter.  Warriors were up 82-60 at half.  So up by 22.  
22nd prime number is 79.   Also 57-79  is 22 points.

Eighty Two=51, 132  

With 7:08 in the 4th Quarter the Screen turned completely Green too. It says 68 to 90 but it's actually 68 to 92 as Speights just made a basket. 
Warriors win Back to Back=92
Sixty eight=146, 56  
Power Outage=146, 56 
Pope Francis=68
Donald John Trump=68
Prince Charles=68
Barack Obama=68

A lot 31 connections to Warriors. 
Michael Jordan=113
Kobe Bryant=113
Curry wears # 30  113 is the 30th prime. 
The 222 with the Warrors stuff I've been mentioning connects to the 311 and 113 as well. 
2/22 is 3 months 11 days before Finals
3/11 is 2 months 22 days before Finals. 

Warriors even end up winning 104 to 78.  The Green Screen was with 7:08 in the 4th. 
Of the 104 again. They got 73rd win beating Memphis who scored 104 points on the 104th day of the year. 
2/19 was 104 days before the Finals. 
Back to Back Championships=219
I talked about 182 in my Back to Back Championships video where I showed the Clips of all the Back to Back. 

Curry also supposedly hurt his ankle in this game. 
Steph Curry Ankle Injury=104 
They score 104....
One Hundred Four=168, 78   
Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Houston=51  scored 78 points. 

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