Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prince William Awkward Handshake with PM Modi

This story was on CNN the other day. I just saw it yesterday but says it was updated 4/15.   

Talk about a pointless article. I mean the whole point is to show you the prime minister of India has a strong handshake. He leaves an imprint on Prince Williams Hand.  I have no idea what masonic handshake this is, but I'm positive it is one. It has to be the whole point of this pointless article. 

The main reason as for now that I'm pointing this article out is that they mention Back to Back in it.   
Sting Ray=113, 41
Kobe Bryant=113, 41
Michael Jordan=113
Much more. 
3/11 was a special day in regards to the Warriors and the 222 stuff. 
Curry wears # 30   30th prime is 113. 
Notice the Tweet on the 24th day too. 
Kobe wore # 24  
The X theme I've mentioned a whole lot. 

Cnn also has this article up today about the Obama's dining with Prince William and Kate Middleton on Friday. 

Would you believe Prince William and Obama's Bdays are 44 days apart? 

Last time Obama's were there was on the 144th day in 2011. 
Forty Four=144

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