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Warriors defeat Spurs Masters Tournament and the Back to Back Theme

The Warriors defeated the Spurs last night 4/7/16. 
Been talking yet again about the connections to Philadelphia and the Amtrak crashes. 
Look at San Antonio's score.
They score 101=Philadelphia.  
Spurs also stayed on 65 wins   Philadelphia=65

If you actually watch the game there is no reason the Spurs got 101 points either except for the worst foul call of all time with 18.5 that gave the Spurs a basket and a free throw. 

It was also the Warriors 79th Game.   In the last Post I talked a lot about 79 and it's connection to Pope Francis and Merle Haggard's death. 
Interesting the Total score of this game 101+112=213
The 213th prime is 1303  A lot like March 13th 13/3 the day Pope Francis became Pope, also when Gray County Kansas was founded. 
2/13 as a day is also the First day of Lupercalia.
Lupercalia=44  It's the 44th day of the year.  Also the same day of Slam Dunk Contest where Zach Lavine won Back to Back. 
Yesterday was 4/7. 
Slam Dunk Contest=47
Zach Lavine=47  even born on "March Tenth"=47

In regards to the 18.5 seconds left foul.   The 185th day this year is July 3rd.   7/3.  Warriors trying to get 73 wins. 

Yesterday was also 87 days before 7/3.  
I just talked about how 87 connects to Pope Francis and also Back to Back Championships.

Remember on March 19th the Warriors lost to the Spurs too. Look at the Score...87-79.  
March 19th is also the first game Jordan played after leaving the Bulls for the first time.  The Bulls lost to the Pacers though. 

March 19th also 87 days before June 14th the 146 stuff I keep talking about in regards to Pope Francis 1,189th day as Pope and Donald Trump's 70th bday.  It's the 70th NBA Season, Also Warriors just got their 70th win on their 79th game against the Spurs last night.  4/7 to 6/14  is 68 days. 
Pope Francis=68
Donald John Trump=68
Barack Obama=68
Prince Charles=68

The article about the game last night even says the Warriors have outscored their opponents by 14.6 points after each of their 9 losses. 

The haltime score interesting as well. 
Warriors win Back to Back=92

Spurs will also be going for their 40th Home win the next time they play the Warriors on 4/10. 

Interesting too Harrison Barnes had a pretty good game and if you've been watching the Warriors games they really keep trying to brag him up.  He wears # 40.  He's also a former UNC player and played High School Basketball with Doug McDermott who is a Chicago Bull right now. 
Harrison Bryce Jordan Barnes is his full name. Just sticks out because of the Jordan in his name. 
Also the 9th president and 23rd president both had the last name Harrison. William Henry and Benjamin. 
Warriors win Back to Back=161
Harrison Barnes=161
Grizzly Adams=161
American Civil War=161
Lincoln died 161 days before 9/23  1865.  
Amy Beth Schumer=161 (Star of Trainwreck)
Train Wreck Theater shooting on 7/23 (161 days left in year)
Giovanni  di Pietro di Bernardone=161(St. Francis of Assisi who Pope Francis gets his name from) 
 Mineral Virginia=161(Last biggest East Coast Quake)

So I wonder if that 40 at half was foreshadowing Spurs getting 40?
Spurs lost tonight so they will be going for their 66th win. 
I wonder if Spurs will rest their players or not as well. I wouldn't think so since they did tonight. 
I think Warriors are going to win and get 73 this year. If they don't I'm thinking the Cavs will win the Finals this year but I'm still not sure.. There's a lot pointing to both teams, Cavs mostly with 51 stuff though and the 9 of 23 games which is the only thing I'm really questioning. 51 seems to be losing on 44 stuff though and Lebron connected to 923 last year as well and still lost. Pope Francis 79th bday was on the 51st day of the NBA season too. 
Seventy Two=51, 168   (Both numbers connected to Cavs)
Seventy Two Wins=233 (51st prime)

73-9 though makes sense.
739 the 131st prime    Championship=131
They would get 73 against the "Grizzlies"=131
Warriors break Bulls Win Record=333
The NBA Season began on Philadelphia's 333rd anniversary. 
10/27 to 6/2 is 219 days. 
Back the Back Championships=219
Lebron James Didn't Play=219
Warriors won on Pi day 3/14   125-107.  

Warriors win Back to Back NBA Finals=125, 314 
3/14 is also 2 months 19 days before the Finals
Also the same day as Kansas Amtrak wreck. 
Kansas=232(Jewish)   125+107=232
Warriors game after beating Cavs by 34 was against the Bulls. They won 125-94=219.   

Also Think of the Back to Back theme.   
Every Warriors Game they mention how they haven't lost back to back games this season.  Or some type of stat about Back to Back. 
Even Jordan Spieth might win Back to Back Masters.   

Jack Nicklaus won Back to Back Masters in 1965, 1966. (Philadelphia=65)  
Look he has 73 Tour wins.  Born on 1/21  Revelation=121 Warriors=121
The Golden Bear is his nickname which is a California reference. 
Jack Nicklaus=115, 34   
Has 115 Career Wins.   34 a number I keep mentioning in regards to the 9/23. 
Lebron shot 9 of 23 then 34 games later lost to the Warriors by 34 points.   Lot's of others stuff. Kobe Bryant tore his achilles against the Warriors..actually when Harrison Barnes guarding him.  Anyway  Kobe was 34  He scored 34 points got the Lakers their 43rd win that game and so on.   Lakers even lost to Warriors by 34 on 11/24/15.   111-77     It was 111 days before the Kansas Amtrak Derailment. 
Kansas=65=Philadelphia too. 
Warriors won their 34th game over Charlotte 111-101 on 1/4. Same day Elton Brand came out of retirement and Cavs won with 122 points giving them a 23-9 record. 
Kansas the 34th state.  Had 145 people on board on it's way to Chicago. 
Chicago Illinois=145 
131 passengers and 99 not hurt.  Golden State Warriors=99
Could be looked at in different ways but I'm thinking they are going to Derail the Bulls Record.  It could be they wreck before they do as well. 
9/23 was 34 days before the NBA season began on 10/27. 

The Train also coming from Los Angeles.
Where Russell Westbrook and Zach Lavine went to college. 
Both won Back to Back in All Star Week, Both went to UCLA.
The April 3rd or 3/4 Chester Train was connected to Villanova who beat MJ's team.  

Jack Nicklaus=115 and had 115 professional wins.  Sticks out because the Warriors first loss this season was 1 month 15 days into the season against Milwaukee. Then they lost to Portland on the 115th day of the NBA season on 2/19.  I'm thinking these were on purpose though as  "One Hundred Fifteen"=92 , 173
12/12/15 was first loss it was 173 days before 6/2. 
2/19 is 3 months 14 days before 6/2. 
Remember 3/14 is 2 months 19 days before 6/2  so they are mirrors to  6/2. 
12/12 to 2/19 is 69 days Cleveland Cavaliers=69   I think just foreshadowing a rematch. 
Cavs lost to Utah on 3/14.  Utah the only team GS has scored 115 points on this year.   Cavs also lost on 3/19(same day Spurs beat GS) but Cavs lost 122-101.  Both number connected to GS. 

Also in regards to golf I saw on Zach's blog about Curry getting to play Augusta this year as a reward for the Championship last year. 
They played 44 days before the Masters also 1 month 15 days. 

So we will see what happens. Maybe Spieth will lose and the Warriors will lose, but still interesting the theme they keep bringing up.  I really think Warriors are winning this year despite all the other coding I've shown. The Back to Back theme sticks out to me more than anything, also with the obvious Train/Pope Francis connections it seems legit.  

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