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Death of Merle Haggard 923 Grizzly Adams/Happy Gilmore Chester Train Derailment Virginia/Philadelphia and more NBA notes

Merle Haggard dies today. Of course his death connected to the Amtrak Crashes. 
First off he dies on his birthday April 6th 2016. 

April Sixth=55, 136
Forty Six=46, 55, 136
Daniel Haggerty=73, 136  (Actor who played Grizzly Adams)
I mention this because Haggard reminds me a lot of Haggerty that I just talked about.  
One Hundred Thirty Six=107=King Charles=King James II=Earthquake. 
Haggerty and Haggard  also died 2 months 22 days apart.  
Keep seeing 222 around the Warriors alot.  Even got # 18 Anderson Varejao on 2/22.  They Beat Portland 18 days later on 3/11(2 months 22 days before Finals)

Cnn even makes sure to put the word "Grizzled" in the opening paragraph of Haggards death story. 

Interesting Haggard=108, 46 
Chicago=46   He dies on 4/6. 
Golden State Warriors=108
Haggard died of "Pneumonia"=108

Haggard died on his 79th Birthday. Remember Pope Francis is 79 too.  He just so happened to turn 79  108 days before 4/3(Chester Amtrak).  Also Dan Haggerty(Grizzly Adams) died 79 days before Chester Crash. 
Seventy Nine=152
Golden State Warriors=108

Also Pope Francis turned 79 168 days before the NBA Finals Begin. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

This is how I know his death is connected to the Amtrak Crash and also Pope Francis. The only albums that he has that Involve the word "Train" in the title were his 9th album and his 23rd album. 

His last studio album also released in 1989. 
The Chester Train was Train # 89
Funny too I talked about the connection to Virginia.
Virginia Cavaliers=89
King James=89

This song was on the radio as I was driving Home tonight. 
"Meet Virginia"  by the band Train. 
Meet Virginia=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

How interesting the Album cover is picture of a King or Royalty. Just weird I mentioned how Pope Francis/Prince Charles/Amtraks all related. 

I talked about the Virginia Coach Collapsing,  the last biggest east Coast Earthquake was in Mineral Virginia. Virginia Venit on Happy Gilmore, The Roanoke Virginia Shooting, but I forgot about this shooting.  This Virginia Police officer supposedly died on her First  day.  But She was from the "Prince William County Dept". Charles and William the next 2 people in line for King. 
The guy who killed her  
"Ronald Williams Hamilton"=101=Philadelphia

This trainwreck I believe is really important as well. 
It happened 146 days after the Philadelphia Train Wreck on 5/12/15. 
Northfield Vermont=218 ( I'll come back to this in a bit)
Remember 14/6(June 14th) is Donald Trumps Bday also Pope Francis' 1,189th day as Pope.  Much more...but anyway
The Vermont Train Wreck was on October 5th 2015.  Which leaves 87 days left in the year.  
Easter Sunday=152  was the 87th day of year in 2016. 
87 connects to a lot of events. 
8/7(August 7th) is the 219th day(Non Leap) leaves 146 days in the year. 
5/12(Philly Train) to 8/7 is a span of 87 days. 
5/12 to 12/17(Popes Bday) is a span of 219 days. 
8/7/15 to 3/13/16 (Popes 3rd anniversary) is 219 days. 
8/7 to 11/4(Lebrons 9 of 23) is 89 days. 
11/4 to 3/29(Kyries 9 of 23) is 146 days. 
The 76ers D League Team also the 87ers. 
Last night in the Warriors loss to Twolves the announcers said Twolves hadn't led since the score was 8 to 7 then took the lead in OT when they scored 107 points  107-106.  

Also interesting last night Warriors got their 108th point with 3:41 in OT.  It was even # 34 Livingston who got fouled  so a 34 and 1(Free Throw).  Before the Free Throw the score totaled 218 points but after the Free Throw the score totaled 219.
Two Hundred Nineteen=218
Remember there were 341 passengers on the Chester Train. The Kansas Train was on 14/3  the mirror.  So Interesting # 34 does this. Kansas the 34th state as well.  Also Tony Bennett Va Cavaliers coach collapses with 34.1 seconds left.  Steph Curry avgs 34.1 minutes this season. 
Back to Back Championships=219
Lebron James Didn't Play=219
Remember Kyrie Irving only shoots 9 of 23 when Lebron doesn't play. He did on 3/29.  
The next game against Hawks on 4/1  the Cavs beat the Hawks 110-108=218.  Jeff Teague shot 9 of 23. 
Golden State Warriors win NBA Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=218

That same night 4/1  the Warriors Home Win Streak was broken. They lost to the Celtics 109-106=215
Two Hundred Fifteen=197
Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=197

Pretty Crazy both games were on TV and then the scores mirror each other winning the Finals? 
One Hundred Ninety Seven=107
King Charles=107    
Cavs completely connected to English Civil War/Carolina
197th prime is 1201.  
Warriors streak lasted 1 year 2 months 1 day

Warriors stopped at 54 game win Streak.  They didn't get the 55. 
They also lost to the Lakers when they had a record of 55-5. Lost to Lakers on the 66th day 26 days before the Boston Loss. The Boston Loss was 62 days before 6/2.  55 days before Boston loss was 2/6, which was also Queen Elizabeth II's 64th anniversary. Her Coronation anniversary is on 6/2 though it will be 63 years. 
Last night in the Twolves loss the Warriors had 55 points at half. 
Fifty Five=108=Golden State Warriors
Golden State=122   
January Twenty Second=257  55th prime is 257
Curry got the MVP trophy last year on 5/5 May 5th. 
The 55th episode titled "Making the Team"=55 of Family Matters has the Steve/Stefan Urkel beating the Warriors. Steve's team is the Vanderbilt Muskrats.  Muskrats=122    
I talked about this game last year as well.  Family Matters based in Chicago, yet the Cavaliers are also wear Red Jersey's. 

The Celtics also won with 109 points. 
Los Angeles=109
They also got their 44th win and broke the 54 Warrior streak. 
Forty Four=54 
Cavs also got their 54th win that night.  They were dominating then all the sudden terrible. The score was tied at 64-64  then eventually went to OT 96-96. 
Sixty Four=49=Warriors=Chicago Bulls
Ninety Six=49
Stephen Curry=64
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship for 51 years in 1964.
Cleveland=51=Lebron James=Cleveland Cavs
April Fools=51   so are they just fooling us with the 51 or what?
Also in the UNC Villanova game they interviewed Michael Jordan. Jordan said in the Interview well back then I was "Mike"=38, 20  Now I'm "Michael"=33, 51  There has been a lot of things other than basketball connected to the downfall of Chicago. 
Also the score of the game was UNC 43 Villanova 40.  The first thing MJ said was "Nice Shoes"=43 

The reason I mention Boston/Lakers losses is because we've had a lot of 1985 references this year. 
Royals win World Series for the first time since 1985.
College Football National Championship was 45-40=85
Even the Iowa Hawkeyes had a season almost Identical to their awesome season in 1985. 
Superbowl was all about 1985 Bears
Then Villanova wins College Basketball for 1st time since 1985. 

Lakers won the 1985 NBA Finals it was a Rematch of the Lakers vs the Celtics. So interesting a Back to Back Finals of the same teams.  Just better point out in 1984 the Celtics won so if it's coded to that then Cavs will be winning this year.   Also 1983 was the last time the Philadelphia 76ers won a NBA Finals. It was against the Lakers. 76ers had Moses Malone. Malone also from Virginia. 

Pretty interesting too  Clemson, UNC, Panthers, all Carolina teams. Carolina named after King Charles I,  Cavaliers are followers of King Charles I. 
I still just don't know what way to go considering both teams seem to be connected to the same things. Even the Carolina stuff as Steph Curry is from there, his dad even played for and works for the Charlotte Hornets. 

So back to the whole point in the beginning with Merle Haggard/Dan Haggerty Deaths/Bear Symbolism.

The Warriors lost to the Twolves last night, but the Bulls also lost to the Memphis Grizzlies who scored 108 points.  
Bulls had 92.
Two Hundred Nineteen=92, 218. 

If the Warriors beat the Streak or tie, it will be against the Memphis Grizzlies on 4/13 or 13/4.  Interesting an anagram of 341. 
I think they might have a good shot at beating the Bulls record too. I could be wrong but Brother Berg pointed something out to me about Happy Gilmore wearing a Warriors Jersey in the Beginning. 

Happy Gilmore=73, 145 
Chicago Illinois=145
The Jersey is also # 18. 
Eighteen=46, 73  
Warriors trying to get to 73 wins. 

Happy's Favorite team is also the Boston Bruins. The Boston Bruins have the best regular season record of all time by any hockey team. I can't find a clip of the Jersey being # 18 but if you try and buy a Happy Gilmore Jersey every site has the # 18, so I'm assuming it's in the movie at some point. 

Tomorrow's game against the Spurs also interesting. 

4/7 is 68 days before Pope Francis' 1,189th day and also Donald Trumps bday. 
Grizzlies=59, 68, 131
Pope Francis=59, 68
Prince Charles=68
Donald John Trump=68
Barack Obama=68
Tomorrow is 4/7 with a date numerology of 47. 
It's also 56 days before June 14th. 
April=56  Lincoln died age 56 in year 65'
In "Washington DC"=56
Sixty Eight=146, 56 
April Seventh=68 
April Seventh Two Thousand Sixteen=126   
56 days is a lot times 1 months 26 days. 

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