Saturday, April 9, 2016

Death of Former Kansas Player Brandon Bourbon Train Derailments, Pope Francis Cavs/Warriors

Former Kansas Football Player dies on 4/8/16.  
Brandon Bourbon=65
The BB name reminds me of Brandon Bostian who was the engineer of the Philadelphia Train Wreck last year too. 

Notice he wore # 25 for Kansas as well. 

He dies 25 days after the Kansas Amtrak Derailment. 
Also 3 weeks 4 days.  Kansas the 34th state.
Supposedly died of "Suicide"=34

Bourbon interesting in Gematria as well. 
87 I just posted on about how it connects to Pope Francis and the Train Derailments.   87 Always=522(English)
Antonin=87, 522   
Also 424 Jewish he died age 24. 
The 24 has been real big in regards to the X Theme. 

Twenty Four=1881 (Jewish) too. The Kansas Train Wreck was in Gray County that was founded 3/13/1881.  3/13 the day Pope Francis Became Pope. Also  1881  when James Garfield was shot at a Train Station and died 79 days later.  Pope Francis is Currently 79 years old. 
Eighteen Eighty One=181   
Remember how the Warriors defeated the Cavs on Jan. 18th 18/1? They won by 34 points, it was 34 games after Lebron was 9 of 23. 
Also "Jayhawk"=79, 25   

I can't help but think of this sign either. It's the railroad crossing sign but also has the X on it. 
R=9  X=6 R=9   9+6+9=24 even. 
9.69 the Orbital Speed of Saturn 
We've also seen a lot of 69 Deaths this year.
Cleveland Cavaliers=69   

 Former Teammate Ben Heeney Tweets a picture of them. 
He plays for the Oakland Raiders now.  Notice they put the One Eye Picture of him and also Oakland is where the Golden State Warriors Play. 

Check this though,  he's number 51 for the Raiders. 
The Cleveland Cavs surrounded with 51. 

Bourbon=87  also made me remember that last years Philadelphia Train Wreck was the Worst Train wreck on the "Northeast Corridor"=94  since 1987.  Actually January 4th 1987. 

Notice it was also Train 94.  It was also going 108 Mph. 
Golden State Warriors=108
Pope Francis Bday 108 days before the latest Philadelphia Train Wreck on April 3rd. 
The reason January 4th sticks out that's the day Elton Brand came out of Retirement for the 76ers 146 days after retiring.  Also 4 months 24 days.   
1/4  was also the Day Cavaliers became 23-9 this year. 
Notice too that 14 passengers died on that train on 1/4. 

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