Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Ed Snider death Happy Gilmore

So I hit the nail on the head with this death. I've been mentioning Happy Gilmore since January and how it's been coded to recent events especially in regards to Philadelphia. 
Now we have founder of Philadelphia Flyers die age 83 the Day after the Masters Tournament. 

He dies 87 days after Grizzly Adams(Dan Haggerty). 
Haggerty dies 79 days before Kansas Amtrak Wreck. Pope Francis is 79 years old,  Merle Haggard dies age 79. 
Remember there's a weird connection of 87 and 79 too. Spurs beat Warriors on 79th day of the year 87  to 79. Easter was the 87th day. 

Eighty Three=67
Hockey=67, 31
Chairman=67 (of 76ers) 
Flyers=31, 85

Flyers first game in 1967. 

Flyers even won their first Stanley Cup when they defeated Happy Gilmore's favorite team the Boston Bruins. 
Boston Bruins=51,60, 69 168
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 78, 87, 96, 105, 114,168  
Ed Snider=42, 51, 78 
Cleveland hasn't won a Sports Championship in 51 years. It was same year Snider became a team owner of the Eagles in 1964. 

He was even a part owner of the Eagles in 1964. The year Cleveland won the Championship. 

I just love how Masonic Wikipedia only have Stats of 2 games that Season for the Eagles. Only Both Games vs the Browns, no other games in that season. Interesting Days too. 9/27 Pope Francis last day in Philadlephia in 2015.  11/29  Normally the 333rd day of the year. Philadelphia became 333 in 2015. 

The Browns also had a 10-3 record which sticks out because 103 days after 9/23 is 1/4. The day Brand came out of retirement and Cavs became 23-9. 

Flyers name was announced on 8/3.  He dies age 83. 

He dies on 11/4 or 4/11. 
Lebron James=114   Shot 9 of 23 on 11/4(Nov 4th). 
Lebron shot 9 of 23 again 3 months 1 day later on 2/5. 
Lebron turned 31 12/30/15. 
Steph Curry didn't play on Lebron's Bday and Warriors lost to "Dallas Mavericks"=51    114-91   Also lost by 23  Lebron wears # 23. 
Much more I will add later.  Got to go to stupid work. 

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  1. Well done. Its almost rime to cash those cavs tickets