Thursday, April 21, 2016

Death of Prince 197 Cleveland Cavaliers/Prince Charles

So Prince dies today on Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday. What a fitting day for a Prince to die. 
The messed up thing is that I've mentioned in multiple videos in the past in regards to Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II. 

Prince's Death is absolutely connected to all of the things I have been talking about in regards to Lebron James/Cleveland Cavaliers. 

I've mentioned how a Cavalier is a follower King Charles I in the English Civil War. He was executed and in 1651 his son Charles II was banished to France.  If Queen Elizabeth II dies, her son Prince Charles would become King Charles III.  I also have been saying that I don't think he will live long due to the History the name Charles being King. 

Cleveland Cavaliers=168
Queen Elizabeth II=168 
New York Mets=168  (The Team they love in Trainwreck film)
Prince Charles Dies=168
In previous Post's I mentioned 197 in regards to the Cavaliers. 
Cleveland Cavaliers win NBA Finals Two Thousand Sixteen=197
Nine Hundred Twenty Three Good For Cavaliers=197
Notice the scores on the Cavs first 2 playoff games too. 
Two Hundred Seven=197
King Charles=107
Superbowl Fifty=197
Michael Joseph Jackson=197 (King of Pop)

So Prince Dies today, would you look at that. Prince is 197 in Jewish Gematria. 

Charles is 207 in Jewish Gematria.

Lebron is 197 in Jewish Gematria. 

I even talked back in November when Lebron Shot 9 of 23 how he was Prince For Halloween.  
He shot 9 of 23 on 11/4.
Lebron James=114 
A big deal in this game was how he ripped his sleeves off.
Lebron Rips Sleeves=80, 215
King Charles III=80

The 215 stands out to me, because Vanity dies on 2/15. 

107 days after After Halloween. 
King Charles=107

Notice How Vanity dies age 57 just like Prince. 
Denise Matthews=57
I also find it interesting that she was born on January 4th. 
January 4th this year was when the Cavaliers beat the Raptors to make their record 23-9.  
Toronto Hosted the NBA All Star week where Westbrook won Back to Back, and Zach Lavine won Back to Back. 
Drake is from Toronto and even released the song "Back to Back".
Back to Back=69
Cleveland Cavaliers=69

Vanity Also dies on the 46th day of the year.
I talked about how her death was connected to Superbowl 50. Which was the 46th Modern Era Superbowl. 
The SB connected to the 1985 Chicago Bears. 
Chicago=37, 46
They won 46-10  using the then revolutionary 4-6 Defense. 

I then mentioned how the 37th Modern Era SB Prince played the Halftime Show. It was When Peyton Manning won the SB against the Chicago Bears 29-17=46  

Anyway when the Lakers beat the Warriors this year. 
It was 46 Days before he died. I know doesn't have to mean much but that loss was a big coded mess. 

46 days after his death is 6/6. 
The Lakers game was on the 66th day of the year.

Cnn even shows us this Tweet. 
I am Transformed=66

He even dies 66 days after Vanity. 
During that Lakers game Nancy Reagan also died. 
Nancy Reagan=103, 618(English), 618(Jewish)
Six Hundred Eighteen=199, 919(Jewish)
September 19th is 19/9 or 9/19.   
It's also the 262nd day of the year. 
199 also the 46th prime number. 
The day Pope Francis went to Cuba.  
Obama went to Cuba 6 months 2 days later or 26 weeks 2 days later. 
Queen=26, 62
Queen Elizabeth became the Queen on 2/6/ 1952. 
She was born in 1926.  
She even turned 26 years old in 1952. 
She was coronated on 6/2, 62 years ago even. This year will be 63. 

Notice 9/19 to 4/21 is also 215 days.  A lot like the day Vanity Died. 

Would you believe Two Hundred Fifteen=197  lol. 

Look at that...Just like "King Charles"=107

It's even 197 days after 10/7. 

So Prince Dies age 57. 
Fifty Seven=131
Prince Charles=131
One Hundred Thirty One=107

I've also mentioned a whole lot of 57 around the Cavs. They even finished the season with 57 wins. 
Lebron was 9 of 23 on 11/4(57 days left in year)

Charles turned 67 11/14. Interesting that Prince's Bday is 6/7. 

Charles bday to Prince's death 5 months 7 day. 

Prince's death to Charles Bday is 207 days. 

With the End date Charles and Prince's bdays 207 days apart. 

Prince last album came out the same day the Warriors got their 1st loss of the season to the Bucks. 
Notice how it was 65 days before Vanity Died. 

He even dies 6 weeks 5 days before his 58th bday. 

 His album comes 131 days before his death. 

Prince Rogers Nelson=118
This sticks out a lot because of the the Warriors Vs CAvs game on 1/18.  Warriors won by 34 points. It was 34 days after Lebron was 9 of 23. 
Lebron then shot 9 of 23 on 2/5.  118 days before the NBA Finals. 
If Lebron wins Finals this year he will 3-4 Career in Finals.
If Lebron loses Finals this year he will be 2-5 Career in Finals. 

Prince also attended the Warriors vs Thunder Game on 3/3. They kept making jokes about it. If they'd rather watch Prince in Concert or the Warriors even. Prince was playing a show at Oracle the next night I believe. 

Look at that it was 1 month 18 days before his death. Also 49 days. 

Also 3 months 4 days before his 58th bday. 

Of Course what would we do without a reference to Batman? 
Prince wrote the soundtrack for the original Batman. In regards to the Lakers....Jack Nicholson was the Joker. 
Jack Nicholson=134
King Charles III=134
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
Lebron James=51
Cleveland hasn't won a sports championship in 51 years.
Obama is 15 years 51 days younger than Trump.
Pope Francis turned 15 in 1951. 
Queen Victoria died 51 years 15 days before Queen Elizabeth II became Queen. 
Philadelphia=101, 65. 
1965 was 51 years ago. 
1915 was 101 years ago. 

I don't know if this is a "Sacrifice"=46  for the Cavs to win, or it means that Cavs  are the Sacrifice. They Cavs are in their 46th season as well. 


  1. Yo Dan. I read all your blog posts. By far, that was the best of the year. Absolutely loved the Vanity tie-ins along with everything Charles & Lebron related. Made alot of solid sense to me.

    If we look ahead to the 1yr anni of the Philly train crash we may find a big clue? From Prince's death on 4/21 to the train wreck anni on 5/12 =21 days. So we the 21st, 12th, & 21 days, hmmm.

    Lastly, and this is right up your ally....

    Faked Death =65. Prince =65. So its out with the Old Prince, and in with the Newest Prince – George =57, and thats the age of Prince’s death.

    George =39. Prince =390. Prince =38. George =83 (bacon method).

    Prince George =122. Pope Francis =122. Golden State =122. Trainwreck =122. From George's birth on 7/22/13 to 4/21/16 = 2yrs 9mo.

    This has much to do with a ritualized tribute to – Prince George Of Cambridge =205. Israel =205. Pesach =25, 52. Those #’s make me think of SB 51 scheduled for 2/5.

    From Prince’s death on 4/21/16 to SB 51 on 2/5 =290 days. Very similar to the date count of George being born – Prince dying.

    The color of royalty is Purple. Royal =551. The Purple One =155. The Purple One =930. Prince =390, no matter if its George or Prince. And with all this happening on the Queens 90th Bday - I think she liked her present ;)

    1. This Prince death is most amazing in the sense that Nobody understands it. I laid down Prince George syncs, and they get ignored. Not just by all the blogs & YT channels I commented on. Literally nobody gets how Prince dying is a Tribute to Prince George - people seem to only think of Charles when it comes to Prince's.

      There is only 1 reason for a bullshit headline/story like the one I'm linking below, and its to PROVE the Prince death was a Tribute to - George =154.

      You know Dan, you do really great work, but lack a central idea of what all the work means. I see your decodes clearly, and understand where you're going, but a lil collaboration is needed if you want to breakthrough, and have meaningful deciphers. You should contact me direct - - I'd love to share some incredible info with you.

    2. I've responded to your message 2 times, but it' s not showing up on this blog. I did it in the email part that should go through to here, but not showing up. I mentioned how Pope Francis is also Jorge(George).

  2. Another Pats Player dead at 29. A Very SIGnIFICANT important number for the Giants.

    I wonder if the Giants and Pats automatically sync together considering theyve faced each other twice in Super Bowls and the same time in 1963.