Friday, April 29, 2016

Death of Ozzie Silna Moses Malone North Carolina Philadelphia

Ozzie Silna=55, 136 

Ozzie and his Brother Daniel were the owners of the Carolina Cougars ABA team.  Interesting because of all the North Carolina connections to sports this year.   
Also because the Charlotte Hornets may actually advance out of the first round of the playoffs this year. All the Michael Jordan/95-96 Bulls stuff connected to this year. 
The Hornets first game ever was a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on 11/4 1988 too. 

The team later became the Spirits of St. Louis. 

Moses Malone played in the ABA with the St. Louis Spirit.  His only Championship was won in 1983 with the 76ers.   Silna dies age 83. 
Don't have a whole lot more to say about this as of yet. Just found it interesting. Especially since someone pointed out to me earlier that Post Malone was the opener for Justin Bieber when he put the Lebron Jersey on and said Cavaliers would win this year. 
Post Malone's famous song is "White Iverson". 
Allen Iverson=146
Larry Brown=146 
Brown even coached the Carolina Cougars. 
Just reminds me of the Taylor Swift Treadmill commercial. Swift from Reading. 

Ozzie dies 121 days after his bday too. 

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