Saturday, April 30, 2016

Leicester City Soccer/Football Baltimore and King Charles Connections

I rarely watch Soccer/Futbol/Football, but this article on CNN about it instantly caught my eye. 
So Leicester City is 1 win away from beating the 5,000 to 1 odds of them winning the Premiere League. 
In numerology you take out the Zero's so it's similar to a 51. 
The Cleveland Cavaliers have the connections to 51. 

Look at their Jersey's too.  "King Power".  I have mentioned so many times I cannot count how the Royal Family is connected to many of the mainstream articles. If Queen Eliz II dies Prince Charles will become King Charles III. 
Cavaliers are followers of King Charles during the English Civil War. 

This Article even gives us a perspective check telling us the Cleveland Browns are 200-1 odds to win SB 51. It then tells us they won in 1964(51 years ago). 
Then it goes on to Mention the Mets upsetting the Orioles in 1969. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69, 168
New York Mets=51, 60, 69, 168. 
Fifty One Years=69, 168 
The Cleveland Browns won in 1964 against the Baltimore Colts. 
So interesting they give us a comparison of 2 teams that beat a Baltimore Team. 

Prince even had a song title Baltimore on his final Album. He sings about Freddie Gray and Michael Brown. 
Remember Freddie Gray was arrested the same day the American Civil War Began(4/12) and died on 4/19 the same day of the First Death of the Civil war that was in Baltimore. 

In regards to the English Civil War Lord Baltimore played a part in 
English Civil War.  He was responsible for King Charles I(Was Prince at time)   to marry a Spanish Royal. In the End Charles ended up Marrying a French Catholic Henrietta Maria. I find this interesting because Maryland was named in honor of Henrietta Maria. Yet Lord Baltimore's son, Cecil Baltimore was left with the Charter for the settlement of Maryland. 
Also Lord Baltimore dies on 4/15  same day Abe Lincoln dies.  Baltimore died in Lincoln's Inn Field too. 

Baron Baltimore=470(Jewish)
Russia=470 (Jewish)
Toronto=470 (Jewish) NBA All Star Week
Sports=470 (Jewish)  

It also says Leicester has been almost unstoppable since the Reburial of King Richard III. 

The main point this article is making is that Leicester has a good chance to win against Manchester United on 5/1. 
Richard III reburial was on 3/26/15. 
3/26/15 to 5/1/16  is 1 year 1 month 5 days. 
The 115 I've been seeing around the GS Warriors. 

I need to do some more research into these old Kings and Wars. I'm sure there is a lot of connections that I am missing.  

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