Sunday, May 1, 2016

Prince dies 911 days after 1st 911 call to his home. Queen Elizabeth II English Civil War.

Supposedly there were 4 total calls to Paisley Park(Prince's Home)
You just can't make it up....  The first one was on Oct 23rd 2013. 

So he died 911 days after the 1st ever 911 call to his house. 

In light of everything I keep saying, the First Major Battle of the English Civil war was on October 23rd as well. 

The previous call was on Sept. 9th 2015. 
So 228 days before his death. 
Death=228 (English) 
Nine Hundred Eleven Days=228

The time before that was 8/9/2015.  Now this day was special because it was Queen Elizabeth II's 63rd year 6th month and 3rd day as being Queen. She was also 89 years old. 
Prince died on Queen's 90th birthday. 
I also want to point out that King Henry VIII became King on 4/21/1509. 

1st time to 2nd time a span of 655 days. 
Six Hundred Fifty Five=108
Two Hundred Twenty Eight=108

2nd time to 3rd time a span of 28 days. 
Twenty Eight=57, 156
Prince dies age 57.   156th prime is 911. 
Also I just posted about the 28 stuff in regards to Spencer Hawes, Steph Curry, Dee Gordon.
28th prime is 107. 
King Charles=107  

This article even tells us Prince pioneered "The Minneapolis Sound".
The Minneapolis Sound=233
233 is the 51st prime. 
82nd prime is 421. 
Eight Two=51

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