Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Super Bowl Champion Goldie Sellers Death-Played with Broncos and Chiefs

Goldie Sellers, a guy who played for the Broncos and Chiefs died on 3/28? 
Remember how the Chiefs won the 50th modern era super bowl. It was their first time in 50 years. 
They beat the 49ers who hosted Super Bowl 50. 
I talked a bunch how it synced to Super Bowl 50 in which the Bronco's won. It's why Mahomes hurt his knee against the Broncos and Tim Tebow's dog named Bronco died. 

The name Goldie Sellers also makes me think how the Chiefs just beat the 49ers(Gold Rush) the Mormons important to Kansas City...the golden plates. 

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  1. Shit man. Might be a good time to keep an eye on Gold. Seems I heard it was selling off.