Friday, April 17, 2020

Forrest Gump in connection to Coronavirus-Elvis Tiger Man Album-Rufus Sewell important again

It's funny as when I got off work earlier my girlfriend showed me a video on Facebook that she said I would like. It was Forrest Gump getting drunk on White Claws....I then told her she should watch the movie as it's one of the best movies ever made in my opinion....she refuses to watch it though lol. Anyway I was thinking about Forrest Gump being important to Coronavirus since Tom Hanks is so important....In the book...Forrest Gump actually travels to space and then lands on an island with Gary Sinise(Lt. Dan) being in Apollo 13 with Tom Hanks made me wonder. 
So now I'm listening to the Gematria Effect and some guy calls in a does an awesome decode of Forrest Gump.

Forrest Gump teaches Elvis to dance..
Elvis is the King...Corona means crown....Tom Hanks filming a Elvis movie when he got Coronavirus. Tom Hanks portrayed Tom Parker who died on 1/21..the day of Coronavirus in Seattle. 
The guy who portrays Elvis in the film was born on the 201st day of year...He will be 56 years old this year. 
Peter Dobson=56
Forrest is named after Nathan Bedford Forrest too..The Ku Klux Klan guy who died age 56.  

Peter Dobson is also in a film called 2:22, which also has Val Kilmer in it....Kilmer is Batman when the Riddler uses gematria. 
Wuhan Coronavirus=222
It was declared a Pandemic 222 months after 9/11. 
Forrest Gump is 2:22 in length. 
First case in US was 222 days after Trump's bday. 
Event Two Zero One=222

Forrest Gump also plays Ping Pong in China. 

Think how he invests in APPLE too and not Microsoft/Bill Gates. 

Thinking about it more...Jenny dies of an unknown Virus. 

Remember back in September too I was documenting about Rufus Sewell being important. I noticed it because of the Haley Joel Osment film, "I'll Follow You Down". The reason this sticks out is because Rufus Sewell is also in the new Elvis movie with Tom Hanks, and Haley Joel Osment is Forrest Gump's son. He's also in "The 6th Sense" which stars Bruce Willis...possibly nothing, but recently I documented about 12 Monkeys/his Tiger shirt. 

Interesting too that Sewell's last film before the Elvis one is called, "The Father". He then plays Elvis' father Vernon Presley in the Elvis movie. 

Also Robin Write plays Jenny in Forrest Gump, and notice she is also in the film "Wonder Woman".The big film connected to France with Batman vs Superman. 

I started writing this blog on Wednesday night, and then around 1am I out of nowhere started feeling terrible. I'm talking the worst I've felt in a long time. I was shivering so bad I could barely catch a breath...anyway I started taking some antibiotics from my girlfriends mom and starting to feel better. I'm pretty sure I have strep throat, as my son had it not too long ago, and my throat had been hurting for the last week. I was reading that if you don't take medicine it can attack your kidneys, which is exactly what happened to me. Anyway as I was laying in bed I was thinking....what if it's coronavirus, that would be funny as yesterday was 5 months 6 days after my bday. 

It's also funny as I remembered a long time ago I wrote about being sick on 4/16 as well. I deduced it was because of the number 56, that I kept seeing in bad things...

Elvis also has an album called "Tiger Man" that came out in 1998. I see he also had a Tiger jumpsuit, but I can't find much more information on when he wore it. 

The film Forrest Gump came out on 7/6. 
Tiger Man=42
Elvis died age 42 and 42 years before Coronavirus. Also got his Polio shot on Jonas Salk's 42nd bday exactly 42 weeks after his own bday. 

I also find it interesting..
Elvis Presley=157
Reminds me of Kobe Bryant. 

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