Friday, April 3, 2020

Tiger King's 22 year old Husband and the Death of Don Lewis 22 years ago-CNN Tiger/Mask theme-Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Raiders-Jon Gruden

Look at CNN right now...
A story of Joe Exotic's husband Dillon Passage supporting him...and just under it "The Masked Singer" reveals White Tiger's identity...
I just documented about Masks yesterday, and I thought about mentioning this show, but I have never watched it and didn't want to look at it last night...
Tiger King..
White Tiger..

So Joe Exotic the guy all about 22 married a 22 year old who was born on the 22nd of August? 
Even better I just realized that Joe is currently 57, meaning if he serves his 22 year sentence he will get out age 79. 
The 22nd prime is 79. 

Joe went to jail 43 days after their 2nd wedding anniversary? 
Joe Exotic=43
A big piece of this story is about "Florida"=43 too. 
They moved to Florida, which is where Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue company is. 
Thinking about it too...Rob Gronkowski being the White Tiger....Big Cat Company is near Tampa, Florida...think about Tom Brady going to Tampa Bay. 

Even more interesting is the fact that Joe Exotic accused Carole Baskin of killing her husband Don Lewis. Notice he went missing in Tampa and declared dead in 2002....2002 was the only season the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won the Super Bowl. 
Tampa Bay=79(22nd prime) beat "Oakland"=22 
Don Lewis=43
Tom Brady will be 43 years old next season. 
Notice too that the Tiger King TV show came out after Don Lewis had been missing for 22 years lol? 

Lewis was also the 2nd husband of Carole Baskin, as she was first married to Michael Murdock on 4/7..79'. 

Jon Gruden coached Tampa Bay in that Super Bowl over the Raiders. He was the former coach of the Raiders and then played his former team in the Super Bowl...and now he is the current coach of the Raiders again too. 

The Buccaneers also had a special 79' season. 

The story of Gronk comes 43 days before his bday too. 

The show came out 211 days after Dillon's bday too. 
Joe Exotic=47
Carole Baskin=47
The 47th prime is 211. 
Big Cat Rescue=211
Big Cats=47

Interesting too that Joe Exotic had a husband named Travis Maldonado who died on 10/6..the same year he then married his new husband on 12/11. 
Joe Exotic=106
Dillon Passage=73
Don Lewis went missing 73 days after Carole Baskin's bday. 
Don Lewis went missing age 59 and the theory is he was fed to the Tigers. 

Tiger King=53
Dillon Passage=53
Joe Exotics bday is 3/5 or 5/3. 
The show aired 5 months 3 days before Dillon's bday. 

I'm gonna have to break down and watch this show haha. 

I just went to Yahoo and this is the headline article. 
The Buccaneers signed Blaine Gabbert on 4/2 to backup Tom Brady. 
Of course it was 170 days after Gabbert's bday. 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers=170

It was also 4 months 1 days before Tom Brady's bday. 
Super Bowl=41

Plus the Tuck Rule Game was the Patriots winning over Jon Gruden's Raiders in 2002..and then the next season Gruden won the Super Bowl over the Raiders as the Buccaneers coach. Such a joke. 

If it's important to the Buccaneers it also has to be important to Raheem Morris. He is married to a girl from Woodbine, Iowa. Or I can't remember exactly, but his wife's parents live in Woodbine, that is for sure. 
Must be something about that town, as last year a coach of the 49ers was from there too. 


  1. This Tiger Story reminds me of the Movie "12 Monkeys"....the Movie is about a Virus Pandemic, Time Travel and so on and a guy named James Cole (Bruce Willis) is wearing a Hawaiian Shirt with Tigers on it. Brad Pitt is also in the Movie.

    Have a nice day and thank you for your work.

    1. The symbols in 12 Monkeys are Aramaic
      Monkeys/Baboons were representative of Gods/Royalty in Ancient Egypt
      Cycles of the Witness represent Ouroboros

  2. Edward Regan Murphy = 201 ordinal
    Remember the 248 Pluto stuff?
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers = 248 Francis Bacon